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New to Crohn's world. Needs support.

Hello everyone,
I am Raghu from Bangalore, India. My son 18years old has diognised with Crohn,s recently. He also has complex fistula with discharge.
Problem started a year back with complex fistula and perineal abscess. We consulted gastroenterologist in Aster hospital. Subsequently they have done several tests including colonoscopy for the possible Crohn's disease. But could not find anything and they suggested surgery to remove fistula. We didn't went for surgery insted opted for seaton treatment (ksharasootra) by a local ayurvedic surgeon. Painful treatment went on for 12 months but could not get away with it. Fistula got branched in different positions. We consulted a different gastroenterologist this time he advised to for another colonoscopy. This time with the colonoscopy result and susiquent tests confirmed Crohn's. We are really shocked. We want to know from some one in Bangalore with the same diseases about the best hospital/doctor to continue the treatment. Any one from Bangalore in this forum kindly reply. Eagerly waiting to get reply from some one. Thanks.
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Presently he is on oral medicine. Our GI has prescribed initially Azoran 50mg one /day and Budez CR 3 mg two/day along with some multivitamin tablets. He was doing good for 2 month. Recently he joined his engineering studies and started going to college. May be due to the stress and strain once again his condition became worse and started bleeding. Our GI has increased his Azoran dosage to 100 mg now and Mesacol enema which is to be administered from back to control bleeding. Here in India injections costs a huge and not covered under any medical insurance.
Right now he stopped going to his college and attending online classes from home. He is feeling better now with no bleeding.
We are also thinking of to go to a different GI or switching over to some alternative medicines but not able to take any firm dicision at this moment. Thanks.