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New to crohns

I have always had issues with my bowels since I had pancreatitis 11 years ago, but I just dealt with it . In 2018 I started having joint pain all over , running random fevers in the evening (feeling like I had the flu) but to wake up the next morning perfectly fine . It takes me a while to get my body moving . In July 2019 I started having stomach pain and went to my Doc , they sent me to the er where I had severe sepsis and obstruction. My blood pressure plummeted and I was hospitalized for 3 days until they put me on prednisone. My Doc said I have a 15 cm spot that stays inflamed no matter how much prednisone I take . I have to take 50.000 units vitamin D along with b-12 and iron due to me being anemic . I had gained wait previously and now can’t lose any and they diagnosed me with Crohns. Now they want me to start Humira . I am so nervous about it but I do hope it can help me lose weight and feel better where I can exercise more . No one seems to understand that I feel awful but I can’t explain it . I am 39 years and never thought I would ever feel like I’m 70


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Hello Amanda and welcome.I'm sorry you have to be here of course, but you've come to the right place.We all understand how you're feeling and you'll get more posts very soon from others. There will be other folk who can share with you their experience with Humira and all you're going through.I just wanted to say Hi and hope you begin to feel better soon.

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Ds was dx at 7
Now is 16
He was humira for over 5 years
Worked like a charm for his arthritis and crohns
Once they wean you off steroids the weight should drop
It’s takes a while for humira to be effective though
3-4 months
So I would expect steriods until humira kicks in fully
Then slow wean from steriods after that

good luck
Ds is now on Stelara and methotrexate
Thank you so much , this is all new to me and I’m just struggling with more joint pain than the actual issues of crohns . I thank you for the feed back and glad to hear that so many have used Humira

my little penguin

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Arthritis is an extra intestinal manifestation of crohns - please see a rheumatologist
Spondyloarthritis is associated with inflammatory bowel disease
It can flare independently of crohns flares or only when your crohns flares
Ds has the type that flares whenever it wants whether his crohns is good or not

Yea mine is just whenever it feels like , doesn’t always come along with my crohns flares . It’s horrible to say the least .