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New to forum/Question on fistula and humira



I am hoping maybe someone here can help me with a question, or least has some pointers for me.

I have had Crohns for over 20 years and have had part of my small intestine and large intestine removed about 10 years ago due to fistulas and uncontrolled crohns. Since that time I have failed many oral meds and was on Remicade for about 6 years. Remicade controlled me great until I built up antibiodies to it and had too many infusion reactions to continue.

I have now been on Humira and imuran for 11 months with moderate success. The problem is that I have now developed another fistula that is a rectal/vaginal fistula which I have not had before. My GI is going to try levaquin and increasing my humira to weekly for a month to see if we can get it to close without a surgical intervention. Has anyone had luck with this?
I don't know if Humira really even works for fistulas.
I am so frustrated.

Any one else have suggestions?


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Hi lamor32twigs.. welcome to the forum. sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope things turn around for you soon. I have no fistulas (yet - thank god) and I haven't been on humira either (It was only approved for use in Crohns in this part of the world.. Nova Scotia, Canada, in September of this year).. I'm sure there are others here who are on it, and they may be able to help you.
Abbott (the company who makes humira) released a study indicating there was some success with treating fistulas with humira. Don't know the actual information, but in theory it can work, its just a question of will it :(.
Hi lamor32twigs
I have the same problem except I have 4 fistulas now. I been through all the meds that there is for CD off remicade now. Was not working no more. Then the Dr. switched me to Humira about a month ago that is when another fistula developed along with almost constant teeth aches.
Went to the dentist yesterday had xrays done and of course my 2 teeth that are aching wer not at the time so dentist could not determine which ones were aching. Gave me some amoxicillin to take for 10 days and call them back when they start aching. Well this happens everynight when they are closed.
Then I am also taking pain meds.for other problems associated with having CD that are sometimes stopping my teeth aches.

Back to the other question is my major hairloss big time.
Is this happening due to Humira?



I am having a lot of hair loss problems right now. I was contributing it to the imuran, but maybe it's the humira. I recently switched to weekly humira, so I will see if it gets worse.
I am also having problems with a sore tongue. It is almost like my taste buds are all swollen and sore. Any one else have that issue?
The good news is my fistula is closing with also using flagyl!


Hi all, I have been reading all of your posts and felt it was time to finally add my two cents. Where to begin? Well I was diagnosed with crohns just before my 16th birthday which was 29 years ago, at that time very little was known about crohns and I ended up hospitalized after losing almost 60 pounds in about 12 weeks time. Since then my whole life has been a rollarcoaster. I was on predisone at one time for over 6 years, so now lots of problems from being on it for so long. Fast forward had bilateral colon resection in 2002 things were pretty good for awhile, but just like always it does come back have been on 6mps for the last 2 years, which seemed to be working fairly well until last couple of blood tests showed liver problems. I am also on cymbalta for depression, previcd for heartburn and dioan for high blood presheer ss for remblinng on


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Hi sherri Welcome to the forum. don't worry about rambling on. I do it all of the time. you'll find the folks on here aren't judgemental at all, and that this is a very welcoming atmosphere. After all, we all have the same sort of issues