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New to forum

Hello, I'm new to this forum. My son was diagnosed at age 6. Due to anal fissures and abscesses he took prednisone then 6mp for almost 4 years, with asacol , Flagyl and cipro every 6 months each and vitamin D, in 2010 we stop 6mp since the abscesses were still coming, but we kept Flagyl and cipro, and asacol. In 2013 his colonoscopy was fine no crohns. But we continue with Flagyl and cipro as maintain dose because he was still getting abscesses. After almost 10 years, his bowl change to 4-5 a day with blood, No pain. He was then started with prednisone for 3 months and Pentasa ! Flagyl and cipro. a year later exactly, in November 2015, he started bleeding again , lost weight no pain still. Started in prednisone for 2 months. He did good, after stoping prednisone , 2 weeks later he started going to bathroom more, and there is red bright blood. Dr says the blood is from the anal fissures. Today he change from Pentasa to asacol. Because of the anal problem they said he has crohns. When dr did his last colonoscopy in 2013 he also did a Prometheus test that came patient with crohns detection, we did not know he had that test taken. In February 2015 we decided to take him to a colorectal surgeon, since his only problem is the anus. The dr told us about the Prometheus test( since we did not know he had it previously) we said ok will do the test. For our surprise that test came negative. No consistent pattern with Ibd or crohns. This week we saw a different colorecta surgeon , he will do a anascopy to check if there is a fistula and track it down.. Our last resource is to out him on Remicade. Even though I have search is to scary.. Is there anyone here with just anal fissures,and abscesses.
Michael dx at age 6
Currently almost 17
Past Medicine. Prednisone, asacol, 6mp Flagyl and cipro, Pentasa,
Now. Asacol, cipro, vitamin D, probiotics.


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IDK...if your son keeps needing steroids to control things I would say the issue is his Crohns more than a simple fissure. Especially given he keeps having an uptick in the number of BM's a day. This is pretty classic IBD.

The Prometheus test is not 100% accurate and many dr's do not even use it.

The 5 ASA's are the most mild drug and not usually that effective in controlling Crohn's. Anti tnf biologics (Remicade, Humira etc) would be at the top of the pyramid and are very effective at controlling perianal disease.

However, there is a middle of the road step and that would be immunomodulators. Azathioprine (comes with added concerns for teen boys) and Methotrexate.

I hope the new surgeon is able to give you a more clear picture of what is going on and that a consult between the surgeon and a GI well versed in IBD helps you come to a decision you are comfortable with.

Good Luck!
Hi and welcome.
We're another family from Michigan.:)
My Grace is 7 now but dx at 4.
I can't answer about the abscess question but my kid is on Remicade.
It's worked wonders.
I too worried about side effects but once you see them living life and able to be a kid again, I just was thankful the drug works.

Please ask as many questions as you like!
Hugs to you and yours
Welcome to the forum. My son was dx'd at age 8. He too as an anal fissure, which did bleed prior to treatment. It is now checked by the GI periodically and is healed, but still causes him some discomfort after a BM. In my sons case, the fissure is a direct result of straining due to constipation. Constipation is one of my sons Crohn's symptoms. We do not have any experience with abscesses though. I do think it's time to reevaluate your son's treatment. If it comes to Remicade, I hope your son finds good success with it (my son has!).