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New to Humira!

Hello. I'm new to Humira and after reading the posts on here, I'm becoming terrified! What is everyone's opinion with it. I was allergic to Rhemicade so I'm very nervous to try this one. I'm curious about side affects and any extra info anyone can share. I've read that it's painful. I wonder if some of that freeze spray would work well that they give you when you get an IV to numb the site. Thanks for any comments.
Hi Tanya K.:welcome:

I am sorry you are allergic to Remicade. Hopefully Humira will not have the same result.

As far as the shot being painful, I have found 2 things I think really help me. First, I get relaxed before I take the shot. I play music through my headphones and calm myself. Second, I inject in my abdomen, in an area with fatty tissue. The fatty areas are less painful than the tight areas. This combination works pretty well. It is usually little pain, but once in a while I have no pain at all.
I haven't had any problems with it. My doctor decided to add 6MP to give it a boost, rather than go to more frequent shots, but overall, it is pretty much working. I just still have some inflammation. Not everyone does. It's such an individual thing.

As far as injecting, my advice is, once you start getting ready, just keep going, don't even think about it. Thinking about how bad it's gonna hurt is what hurts. The shot is just a tiny little sting that goes away quickly. Find a spot with some fat, then just do it and get it over with. It won't be long before you're reassuring newbies about how easy it is.
Thanks you two. I've had Crohn's for years now. However, I have not had the typical symptoms that most do. I honestly feel most of the time, like a normal person. However, every time I have a scope, I'm severe on the inside. I've not medicated in years because of the problems I had with Rhemicade and the fact that when I took meds, I felt worse. So now, I guess, it may be catching up to me. I'm hoping that I'm not waking a sleeping dragon by starting all these meds. I think too once I start these injections, I will get past the fear. I think personally, I will just need to get mad and pop them. :) I'm not a mean person but I think getting mad and doing it a few times will make it happen. Lol. Still nervous about it but I guess we all overcome things with time! (I feel a little aggravated because it's a big inconvenience that I'm not really happy about. A little bit of the depression that this really just isn't going to go away like I'd like it too.) It's hard to share feelings about this to people that don't have to deal with it. I'm glad I stumbled across this forum last night!
Humira has been pretty good for me. It's helped my gut a lot and I've had so much less pain than before. I did get the side effect of bad anemia from it. But that's easier to deal with than active Crohn's.

The injections do hurt a bit, but if you have had Crohn's pain before, the injections aren't all that bad. They are really easy to give yourself too.
Definitely let the shot come to room temperature before giving yourself the injection. And, as others have said, the belly seems to be the least painful option.
How long can you leave it out of the fridge to warm up? I called for my Humira nurse. Just waiting to hear from her to make that appt and I'll be in my way to trying it. I'm getting nervous. I can't imagine injections in my belly but I have more fat in that area since Ive had kids.
Thanks for all your help. Im one step closer to the process. I picked it up at the pharmacy today. I should be estatic. The one month supply at retail was $8839.99. THANK GOD for the Humira card and insurance! I paid $5. Saturday is the big day. (Nurse is coming.) Praying for the strength too be able to do this. Im sure I'll be fine.
Tanya, don't stress over this. Leave the stress to those of us who have gone before and STRESSED! You can do this with your eyes closed! Go get em.

Good Luck
Just wanted to let you all know that I did my 4 shots on Saturday and WooHoo! It wasn't horrible! *Thank God~ :) Thanks for all of your support! I love this site!!!!