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New to Infliximab - side effects

Hi all,
Fairly new to this journey having only been diagnosed this year.
Failed response to any oral medication, and failed entyvio.
Recently spent some time in hospital on IV methyl pred and received two doses of Inflectra whilst admitted. First dose standard 5mg/kg, second was increased to 10mg/kg due to rapid deterioration having stepped down to oral pred, received one week ago. Am now stepped down to oral pred from IV again having been discharged from hospital, so far so good but having some side effects.
I am having quite extreme fatigue and muscle weakness which I have seen on other threads from loading doses, but curious to see if anyone else has had any of the following side effects:
Sore tongue (as if I have burnt it but no recollection of this, now fourth day in)
Sores in nose and nose bleeds
Sores in corner of mouth
Muscle pain - feel like I’ve pulled a new muscle every day 🤦🏼‍♀️
Had a scope before being discharged and doctors were super happy with progress already, inflammation levels reduced significantly.
Any experiences and advice appreciated, thank you!