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New to shots (methotrexate)

I'm a little freaked out about giving myself a shot and though I'm going to have a nurse show me how the first time I wonder if anyone has advice to share when I'll be doing it by myself.
Hi Whit, my son started MTX shot recently, four weeks ago to be exact. He was confident up until the day of the shot came then he got fairly nervous. I told him we could have the GP nurse dot but he insisted on doing it himself. He's 17 and I was worried if the shot was unpleasant then I may have a hard time getting him to remain compliant.

He reclined back drew up the shot and just did. Fortunately it didn't hurt at all. It is a very fine needle and he said he could barely feel the injection. So it hasn't been an issue on shot day at all to get him to inject.

If you are worried enough about the first time you could have the nurse inject the first one. My son said the fear of injecting himself was worse than the actual shot and once he did it that first time the fear completely dissipated.

Good luck.
My trick.. pinch the crap out of the area of the skin you are going to inject it into. Oh, and ice it first. Just remember you are braver than you think.!
Supportive Mom,
Thanks. So I'll ice it first and then pull up skin so the shot will not go into the muscle I guess. I figure 45 degrees for the needle should work?
Supportive Mom & Clash.
I did it. I gave myself the shot today and didn't even feel the needle. Thanks for helping me get up the courage to do it.
How did you feel after taking it?? Any Nausea? We are thinking about putting my son on it and I'm scared its going to make him really sick...


Hi Whit,
It is really more scary than it actually is. The methotrexate is relatively painless to inject as opposed to other agents. Thankfully!

I would normally ice the skin then do my injection. The nurse will show you how but generally you have to pinch about 1 inch of skin with your non-dominant hand then you stab the needle in (preferably at 90 degree). Release the skin while keeping the needle fully insert then inject the methotrexate.

Obviously this is preceed by steps of proper cleaning (and feeling the syringe if you are not receiving pre-filled syringes).

You'll feel like a pro once you get it done (at the least that's how I felt)!

Good luck!


Nausea does occur but your doctor will prescribe a daily dose of folic acid to help ease side effects. Ask the doctor to prescribe Zofran too to deal with nausea.
What was interesting about the whole thing for me was that it was not just giving myself a shot that bothered me but recognizing for the first time that Crohn's is a chronic disease and I'll be doing something like this forever. I'd been taking ineffective pills for two years and ending up in the hospital with obstructions and I guess I thought it would clear up. No luck there.
My new GI at University of Virginia Digestive health ordered a fluoroscopy which showed that the last four inches of my small intestine is were the narrowing exists. It is hard to believe that 4 inches can be the cause of so much pain. He suggested moving up a level in treatment and to try the methotrexate by shot so I guess now I'm finally aware and accepting.
The nausea may come later after another week or so. I'll be giving myself one shot each week and I am taking folic acid every day so I'll keep everyone posted as to side effects. Reading the information about methotrexate that came when I picked up my prescription was downright frightening but then so is what can happen if your small intestine perforates.
Thanks for the online support. It gave me the umph to get it done.
Best to all.
The nausea isn't present for everyone so maybe you won't have any issues with that. I was really concerned about my son experiencing the nausea, fatigue etc with the pills and then the shots but they never appeared. Hopefully, it will be the same for you!
I was worried about nausea, too, so my doctor gave me Zofran. I take it about 15 minutes before my injection, and I've never had any nausea from the shot.
Thanks for the info. A day after my second shot I started getting nauseated and stomach cramps. I was up all night so I called my doctor and now have Zofran read to take. I was wondering when to take it so I'll do it before the shot.