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New to Stelara

Hey everyone. I just started Stelara. My IV was on Wed. All went well. I don’t have the typical Crohns. In the past, I’ve been more constipated and fairly pain free but my Crohns is very active. Anyway, my movements had begun to be pretty normal and no constipation. After my IV, I’ve been horribly constipated. I was able to start going last night and I bet I’ve gone 10 times today. Does anyone else have this same issue? How are the next rounds of shots? Do you have these issues after each dose? I was on Humira so I’m extremely nervous to have an actual syringe. Can I say I’m so happy this forum exists! I can talk to family and friends but no one truly understands it unless you have it.
Hi Tanya,

How are you feeling now? I’m in pretty much the same boat as you (started Stelara after failing Remicade/Humira/Entyvio) and wanted to see how it’s working for you. Im only on day 15 so I got some time but I’m feeling a little better everyday.

I had similar constipation issues, and I honestly think it’s a combo of whatever food you ate and the medication. I feel like as the body heals itself it kinda goes through ebbs and flows to re-sync back into a normal pooping schedule.

Anyways, hope your getting better. In fact if you don’t reply I’ll assum your healed up and living life, which is what I hope for everybody.


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Stelara does NOT burn like humira
Outside of the pinch
Per Ds the shot is ok
He was on humira for over 5 years
Switched to Stelara last August
Stelara takes 6-8 months to work
So be patient

Ds has constipation type Crohns as well
When he first gets a shot /iv
His gut stops so to speak while it’s healing
Then resets again
Same thing when his mtz is due

Scope after 6 months of Stelara showed healing
My scope showed complete healing, but for some reason the MRI read showed active inflammation. However, my IBD doctor does not believe the MRI was read correctly. I am sorta confused. I do not have any symptoms like I used to either. As a result, rather confused what to do at this point.
Thanks everyone. Sorry it took me so long to reply. For some reason, It didn't show that I had responses. I had flare ups at first when I took the infusions but I think it was because I had a break between Humira and the Stelara. Tomorrow, I take my actual first shot and I'm terrified! I'm having a nurse do it for me. I don't know if I'll ever be able to give myself this shot. ;( Is there a best injection site to administer it? I did Humira in my stomach. I don't have much fat around my arms and thighs. My booty, well, that's a different story lol. But seriously, where's the best spot? Thanks!


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Relax. The injections are easy to administer. I usually do inject around my stomach - just pinch up some skin with a little bit of fat under it with one hand and poke the needle deep under the skin at about a 45 degree angle with the other hand. It's over in about 2 or 3 seconds.


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I did not have Benedril with the first infusion. I drove myself and the only side effect I noticed from the infusion was a moderate headache a couple of hours later.