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New to the club

So Ive been sick for many years, on and off with no real answers. This year I was presumably diagnosed with Crohns disease and everything started to make sense...finally. Ive been in and out of the hospital countless times with infections, obstructions, immotility, and severe inflamation. Ive gone through gall bladder surgery, hernia surgery, and some clearing of blockage without intestional removal. I was on Entocort and Pentasa for a good protion of the year and ended up with an allergic reaction...and off of it all. Two weeks ago, I went back into the hospital where my CRP levels were through the roof, I couldnt stop vomiting and my body temperature wasnt regulating itself well at all. Drs decided to hit me with a heavy dose of Prednisone and Remicade, and my body responded!! My level fell drastically, my symptoms have mostly subsided and now Im zaped back to my life after a week in the hospital. I feel like Ive been in the twilight zone for a week on all those meds and sleeping like crazy....and Im finally waking up from my daze and Im NOT sure what to think of it all. Did I make a good choice to start Remicade without the drs exhausting all other means? They were awfully quick to hit me with that treatment.....and Im just wondering why now?? Why not several of the other times I was in?? I go back in for my next treatment in about a week and a half....and Im just praying that this is the key to my remission. Im scared of whats to come for my life with this disease and this medication....Im just not sure what to think of it all anymore.....so here I am NEW to this club~