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New to the forum

Hello Everyone,

Crohn's since 1974
Three surgeries
Pentasa since 2006
Humira since 2013
CBD since November

Of the medicine I take CBD is producing best result in terms of inflammation and remission. Starting to follow the research to find more about it.

Humira is scary but no major problems yet. And Pentasa ... well I not sure it does anything except for the drug houses.


Welcome to the forum, starbynight!

I'm glad you've found some relief with the CBD. Overall, how are you doing?

:hug: I hope things go well for you!
Thanks for the concern. My Crohn's is under control. I had a bout with inflammation and my doctor put me on Prednisone which left me feeling "edgy" and quite concern. It was then then that I tried the CBD and the results were fantastic. The inflammation total left and my entire system calmed down. As you know with Crohn's it is one day at a time but so far so good with the CBD.