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Hello All: At the age of 32, I was diagnosed with Crohn's in late 2005 after having been told I had colon cancer and having an emergency resection. I was at first relieved and grateful to not have cancer - since then I have sometimes wondered if it would have been easier had it been cancer and not Crohn's. I started out on Immuran, about 6 months later added Remicade to the mix. I was experiencing too many side effects with the Remicade and have recently started on Humira. I am grateful to have found this forum as I often feel isolated and misunderstood even by those closest to me. I hope to get know many of you!

Having gotten out all the depressing stuff - I am now 37, married, no kids. I am a paralegal by day and a cake decorator and decorating instructor in the evenings and on weekends. I live in Calgary, Alberta.

Thanks for listening

Welcome sugarbuzz :)

I understand the cancer thing. When I was diagnosed it ocurred to me that perhaps that would be better because often they can get rid of it! However, that said a lot of people die of cancer and not so much with crohns so maybe we ARE lucky?

It's good to hear that you have Crohns and are so busy - gives me hope to gte some energy levels going so I can do more!

Welcome once more - glad to have you with us - like your nickname too :)


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Calgary represent!

Officially diagnosed in 1989. Same deal: Emergency resection. Colon cancer claimed my dad and maternal grandfather (so I hear where you're coming from).