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New to the group, but not to Crohn's...

5+ years ago I awoke from a nap with cramps in my abdomen. The next 2 days it swelled up to the size of someone at the end of their first trimester of pregnancy. I didn't know that kind of pain was possible. The pain crescendo(ed) all the way through the second night and then...subito piano (suddenly quiet) ((music major)). I just thought I had a case of hellish diarrhea, but it happened four more times over the next year...the fourth being an ER visit due to anal bleeding and nearly passing out from the pain.

I rarely have flares now...I eventually learned to stay away from cow products (mainly hamburger) and high-fat foods AND, I discovered this sitting position that I go to when I feel a flare coming. The feeling usually passes within 20 minutes. Weird I know! I thank God that something helps.

For the last 4 years, I've had chronic diarrhea or very loose stool and have had EXTREME urgency...like, 25-seconds-to-find-a-toilet urgent. I lost count of the times I've crapped my pants and I have LOTS of crazy stories in public situations...got caught pooing in a urinal once. LOL. Poor guy had to see that.

Anyways, glad to be here.

Currently have been on Humira for 3 months but it's not doing anything it seems. Tried Lialda, sulfa, TSO parasites (study), pred, a bunch of weird alternative things that were expensive...I've probably spent over 10K in the past 5 years on "remedies". I'm interested in Cannibis, but my doctor is "old school". I'll check out the forums on that.

I pray for healing to you all.
Hi there, Welcome to the forum! I am undiagnosed at the moment so won't be much help :(

I currently use MJ to help my symptoms. It gives me appetite, stops the nausea and decreases my bathroom trips. Hubby didn't believe it till I was out for a week and was in the bathroom like 10 times a day and in sooo much pain that the T3s the doc gave me wouldn't help. I got some and 2 days later I was in considerably less pain and bathroom trips were back to 1-3 poops a day. My family doc has even said that if I didn't use MJ I would probably be quite a bit sicker. The forums have lots of info on MMJ, I have read quite a bit on there. Hope you can get some relief soon!