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New to the site

Hi I'm Rob. Had crohns since I was 20 (now 44). Never joined a site like this before, but thought I'd share my news. I flushed my pills away 8 years ago (all of them) and decided to deal with the pain and symptoms my own way. Since then, despite pain etc, I have been VERY physically active. Last week I was interviewed on BBC TV. If you type in crohns disease on google my story comes up on page one.

Anyhow after the above I just thought I'd search for crohns website and found this one and thought I'd post the BBC thing!

Love to all



Staff member
Hi Rob and welcome to the community. When you say that you deal with the pain and symptoms your own way, what is that way? Have you had any checkups somewhat recently to determine what your current disease state is?

All my best to you.