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New To This.

Hi. I have been diagnosed with "possible Crohn's since a visit to the ER and hospitalization mid July. Am waiting for the exact diagnosis, to come Monday (hopefully) after a second ER visit and hospitalization last week. I am in my early 50's and never had a problem until July. Dr's want to proceed with Remicade if diagnosis is positive. Glad to have found this site, which seems upbeat, positive and informative. :ghug:

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:welcome: Jmelia..glad you did find us, and I too wished even computers were invented when I first had symptoms :lol:. It is not unheard of but most symptoms start earlier in life but not such rule for this disease.

Is there anyone in your family with IBD or IBS? Have you had a recent illness or virus? What are your symptoms and the reason for hospitalization?

I am surprised if diagnosis you are going on the "big guns" right away. It sounds like you are being looked after very well. Hope you join our crew...motley crew lol.
To Pen and Del: Thanks for the welcome!

No one in my family has ever had or has an IBD or IBS. Other than having my 5 children, I had never been hospitalized until 5 years ago. Your question popped that up in my mind. It was high fever, severe body aches, they never found out what was wrong and just said a "super bug, a virus". The time in July, severe abdominal cramps and vomiting. I've had 5 labors, so I have a high tolerance for pain. None the less, 5 day hospitalization. My pain is 4-5 daily and the initial meds had no effect. I went back as, pain killers are just masking the problem, not trying to help. Sadly, from first hospitalization to an endoscopy and colonoscopy, a barium small bowel series and now the recent flair up things have progressed at an alarming rate. Now waiting for biopsy results from the colonoscopy I had during this recent hospitalization that went into the ileum. Surgeon is major pissed at gi guys about that one as major scarring and thickening is about a foot in from the colon and he is worried they didn't go far enough. If it is a go, they are hoping that the Remicade will slow the process, as my surgeon and I are not thrilled with the idea of surgery. So, go big or go home theory is what they hope will work since there is no response to traditional meds.

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I know you are thinking surgery isnt the answer but in some cases it is. Scar tissue in my opinion doesn't go away with meds, having said that, no there is no cure but having laproscopic surgery in my first resection lasted 10 years and very little maintenance drugs. I was in denial and didnt look after myself. Stupid I know which led to my second resection from an old fart that should of been in a home, not a surgeon.

Lets hope the remicade works. Many have done well on it...please keep us updated on how you are doing.


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Hi and welcome! I am sorry to hear about your possible diagnosis. I hope if you do need to start Remicade it works wonders for you as it has for so many on the forum. I highly suggest checking out the Remicade subforum. I bet you'll find it helpful.

Keep us posted on your results.

The biopsy in the ileum was negative. My surgeon knew this would be the case as the various radiology tests have shown the problem is at least a foot in the small intestine from there. Not to mention the fact that he visually saw the Crohn's when he had me opened up in July. Wish there had been a biopsy taken then. So...a double balloon enteroscopy on the books for this week. If not Crohn's, what could this be?
I was just diagnosed last month and already have surgery to remove a foot of my terminal illieum and part of my colon in December. I was put on steriods and imuran, neither worked. The GI doctor told me that remicade had a minimal chance at working so surgery is my only option.

I would do as much research as you can and use this forum as much as you can, it is awesome!

Good luck with everything!!
Thank You


I agree! I felt so alone in all of this until I found this forum. I have found it informative and upbeat!

My procedure has now been moved to next week as there was a scheduling snafu of sorts. But, at least it's on the books now.

You are right about doing the research. I am truly amazed by technology today and what is at my finger tips. However, I am profoundly saddened that the doctors aren't more in sync at applying it and coordinating it with each other and their patients. I just keep wondering how it happened that my symptoms went suddenly from zero to 60 in 3 months and obviously in your case, even faster!

Take care!