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hi.it is good to have found this sight. ive never spoke to anyone else who has crohns so this is a joy. ive had crohns since preteens but wasnt diagnosed until age 20. im now 36. its been a very hard road. im at my wits end and feeling very alone. im having a flare which is terrifying for me as i have tried cimzia as my last resort which i quit in 2011 due to it not working. im allergic to everything else. remicade gave me serum sickness,pentasa asacol gives me pancreatitis ,antibiotics gives me hives,prednisone makes me crazy and makes me gain 50 lbs in a month.ive got osteoperosis from it. ive tried herbal vegetarian diet. i thaught i was better from that diet. im having high stress which im sure its some of the cause of th flare. im on disability which i got on my first try. iquit going to drs ive had opiod dependance in the past due to long hospital stays.i hate pain meds. i also have 1 kidney which gets infected when my crohns flares.i also have an other medical issues. no surgeries the drs say only 30 percent chance it woul help. i am looking for answers. i try other herbal remedy but im not allowed to have it in my state. im thankful for sight and i hope i can find some who can identify. i dont have anyone who understands.


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I and welcome to the forum. You certainly have had a tough go of it. I've been flaring for the last year or so (20 year remission). I'm. Still learning about the new treatment options. Sending you my support and best wishes for remission.
thank you. so sorry you're having a flare. i couldnt imagine 20 yrs remission. i hope you get well soon. longest remission for me is 2 yrs. ive been flaring since feb. i was doing well until i had to move from a healing less stressful place to my hometown. im not on any meds and hope i can find something to help.
A lot has changed in drs. Opinions on how to treat crohn. I have been "blessed" with Crohn's for 24 years now. My recent doctors visits are completely different then the ones I had at diagnosis. Even the past 10 years with my current GI. I am currently waiting for surgery for a stricture. In the past doctors were all anti surgery, now it seems that opinions have changed and doctors are seeing that there are benefits from Crohn's patients having surgery as long as caution is used (short gut syndrome).

I recommend you go back to the doctors and see what your options are.

I hope they can find a solution to your current issues and that you start to feel better again soon.:hug:
Thank you Bonnie for you encouragement. I'm a difficult person when it comes to doctors. I believe in mind body and spirit and natural healing especially now after becoming allergic to so many meds.15 total. i have several health issues. my spirit feels broken due to circumstances along with anxiety and depression.im in a rut and with my enviroment.situations and people. ive been so strong for the last yr and a half but i chose to leave a healthy enviroment to a polluted one. to stay with my husband which was a horrible idea for my health and well being.i moved to a place where i could have mm. but dont have have that option here and it worked so well for me.so im just really frustrated and miserable.sorry for venting i have noone to talk to.
Hello and welcome!

I'm sorry you've had such a rough road. It sounds like you tried ,many treatments and I hope there is something out there that will work to help you.have you tried medical marijuana ?