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New wound pain?

Hi, I’m a 21 who had her first Abscess in January, then I came back four weeks later (March 1st - fistula and have had a seton stitch inserted). I was supposed to have a pelvic MRI to check for Crohn’s/UC, and review of my condition but they cancelled it due to the virus.

It’s been two weeks that I haven’t seen the nurses now and it was going really good, it’s healed to the surface and on one side of the seton skin is trying to heal. However on the side closest to the seton that comes out the anus it has started to rub consistently (I think it’s because the seton is so close to the wound skin now when moving and I’ve just started walking on the treadmill). It doesn’t look infected, just sometimes painful and raw (especially after BM’s). I generally look after it very well though, bidet etc etc and I use gauze to stop from chafing further. Is this normal? It’s incredibly hard to get an in-person GP visit where I live in the U.K unless there’s just cause and I don’t want to bother if everyone experiences this too. I don’t take any painkillers anymore because it messes up my stomach.. thanks for any input! I feel so alone in this.