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Hello so for the last few years I have complained on and off to my doctor of a very bad pain in my right hand side, so bad most evenings I cannot even lie on my side. I have already been diagnosed with NAFLD (About 4 years ago), but was told by the liver specialist that the pain was not coming from my liver, at that time I spoke to her about the crippling tiredness, brain fog I experience etc she basically said when the pain is very bad consult with your GP but apart from that just get on with it. I left her office very confused and disillusioned. I have had episodes where the pain is unbearable but just carried on there were a few times that my GP gave stronger pain killers etc I was finally referred to a gystro and for the first time in years I actually felt someone listened. He performed a coloscopy last week and confirmed lleitis of the Terminal Ileum he is almost 100% sure that it is Crohns but will confirm when tall the tests are back I was a bit shocked but now on reflection I am not surprised and I believe that I have had many a "flare up" over the last number of years. I am just trying to gather information on Crohns to see what is the best course of action for me in relation to diet etc I would love to be able to increase my energy levels. Any advice welcome.