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Newbie diagnosed May 2013

Hi Everyone,
Here's my story:

Early this year I was suffering from severe stomach pain & constant vomiting. I was extremely weak & fatigued. My husband called 911 when I was too weak to stand. I lost about 30 lbs in 3-4 months & I looked like the crypt keeper! lol

I was admitted right away with severe anemia & malnutrition. I was told that had my husband not called 911 when he did, I would have died of heart failure. After SIX blood transfusions, it was discovered that about a foot of my lower intestine was diseased & holding blood. That 1' of intestine was removed & resected. Afterward, I developed an infection that my body was too weak to fight off & I had to be attached to a wound vac for about a week. In total, I was hospitalized for 33 days. I was on prednisone & metrodizadole for 4 months following.

Even tho I was diagnosed in May, I'm really just starting to deal with it. A recent colonoscopy on 10/30 showed a lot of inflammation & my doctor started me on Asacol 800mg 3x day. I have to go for an X-ray where you have to drink that chalky white stuff prior (don't remember name of test). My doc also informed me that I'm most likely looking at another surgery. I'm kinda scared about having more surgery.

I'm glad I found this forum for not only myself but for my husband as well.
Hi Cynrose
I've just recently joined this forum, I was diagnosed on 19th dec so what a nice Christmas present for me, although I had an idea it was crohn's for a while.
Sounds like your going through a pretty worrying time right now. I found this forum so helpful and it's nice to talk to people that genuinely understand.
It's a tough disease but you'll find great support here. Welcome and Merry Christmas.
Contact anytime, I'm always up for a chat. (Typical irish chatty lady) :) x x


Naples, Florida
Hi there and welcome to the community. I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through :(

What part of your intestine was resected? And are you diagnosed with Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis? And finally, is the doctor treating you a gastroenterologist with experience treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

All my best to you.
Hi David,
it was 1' of my lower intestine. I was diagnosed with Crohn's & I'm under the care of an experienced gastro. Thank you for your interest...I appreciate it. I'm currently in the midst of a flare up & feeling quite anemic. I look forward to learning & sharing..I'm so happy I found this forum! How are you feeling these days?


Naples, Florida
I asked because, based upon what you described, Asacol is likely nowhere near strong enough :( Mesalamine (the active ingredient in Asacol) acts topically and you obviously have disease that is transmural (affects all layers of your intestines).

I'm doing great, thank you for asking :) I have a form of IBD called Lymphocytic Colitis but have been in remission for many months now.
Thanks a lot, David! I see my gastro doc on 1/17 & I'll be sure to discuss a change in meds. I'm so happy you're in remission....keep it up!!!