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Newbie introducing myself

I’ve started writing a blog memoir on living with Crohn’s. It took 46 years to get the correct diagnosis. I hope my story will offer helpful insights to others with Crohn’s and IBDs. Looking forward to getting to know people here and learning more about managing my health from your posts. I just found the forum today. My blog is noworries.home.blog


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Hi Peggy - just read your blog - Wow! How did you finally get diagnosed? It's unbelievable that IBD never was mentioned during all your doctor visits all those years. Welcome to the forum. Are you currently on any medication for IBD?
Hi Jo-Mom,

Doctors ruled out colitis just with the barium x-rays and my symptoms when I was in my early teens, but I don't remember any mention of Crohn's. I really had no clue what IBDs were exactly until my diagnosis. I'd like to hold off telling you how the diagnosis finally came to be because it's a bit crazy and it's good to find out with the lead-up as the blog progresses.

I'm so glad you like the blog. Thank you for letting me know!

I'm only on Oleystr to control the diarrhea. I'm not taking a drug specifically for Crohn's, although my doctors urged me to go on Humira. For a number of reasons I've decided to stick with controlling it through diet and the Oleystr and see how it goes.

Not sure if you ever read up on Psyllium Husks for diarrhea but you might find that a good alternative as well. I believe if you search this forum, you will find a full discussion on it and how it's helped many.

The doctors might be concerned about your ongoing inflammation and thus Humira would help with that. You can read all about people's experiences on this forum too.
I'm looking forward to your next section of your blog.
Thanks. Yes, they worry about the amount of scarring from all these decades of inflammation. But I'm willing to wait and only go on it if things worsen.

My new post is online now :)
Biologics can really be a game changer. You can read up on people's experiences on this forum. You might not to wait too long. I will read the next part of your blog this morning. :)