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Newbie needs help

Hey everyone, I just got diagnosed with Crohn's last week. I was suffering since January (2013) with all of the symptoms yet I just got diagnosed on July 26 2013. I haven't been put on a routine to help me yet, I have only been give a steroid to help with my internal bleeding for the ulcers I had developed. It's embarrassing to say but I have internal hemorrhoids and an anal fissure do to all the diarrhea I have been having since January, and I believe I may have an external hemorrhoid or a skin tab..
Can anyone share their stories how they first got diagnosed?:(:eek2:
Hi. I'm sorry to hear the challenges you're going through right now. It is hard especially at first when you're finally diagnosed. But, I can say that there are some great people on here who you can talk to.

I'm part of a support group you might be interested in looking at. More info on how I got diagnosed is on there. It's called: Adult Thoughts on Going through Childhood with IBD. Please let me know if you need to talk. Take care. :hug:



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Hello, welcome to the forum. Im sorry you've had such a rough time. You've come to the right place for some help and support though, everyone here is friendly and supportive and will always help as much as we can with anything.

I started getting symptoms when I was 15 but wasnt diagnosed until just before I turned 20. I had cramps every time I ate, poor appetite, nausea and I was really skinny and underweight, as well as having periods of very sharp, intense stomach pain. I had ultrasounds, a barium meal x-ray, blood tests for everything you can think of, but nothing showed up. I was then just given meds for IBS and/or painkillers and told they didnt know what else to do. I finally got my MRI in august last year, then a colonoscopy last December.

Meds wise I had steroids too, Prednisolone followed by entocort and then surgery 6 weeks ago. This was because the prolonged diagnosis meant that the disease had caused scarring they couldnt treat with medication.

Are you getting any side effects from the prednisolone? I know you said you dont have a plan in place yet but have they given you a follow up appointment yet? In this appointment I would ask about more long term medications. Some of them like Asacol can take time to build up to a level that will help you so the sooner you start them the sooner they can start to have an effect.

Dont be embarrassed to talk about your symptoms here. Everyone is here to help and support you. We are all in the same boat and understand how horrid the disease and its symptoms can be. No one here will judge you or think any less of you for what you tell us, so please feel free to share as much as you feel comfortable with, even if sometimes you just need to have a big long rant. This can all be a lot to handle and sometimes the pressure is just too much on your own. In these times know that we are here to make it at least a little easier.
I haven't had any side effects yet, and my next appointment is this Friday. I'm hoping to get better answers from my doctor and to be put on a treatment plan, so when I go to college in September my Crohn's may have subsided


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Thats a big positive then, hopefully you wont develop any either. I really hope your doctor gives you the answers you deserve, dont be afraid to push for them and be assertive, and if your doctor wont give you the help you want or you arent happy with the answers dont be afraid to ask someone else. Stress needing to get it under control so that the stress of starting college in september is less of a risk for another flare.

Let us know how you get on :).
Hey guys, wanted to let you guys know that I saw the doctor today, she told me my Crohn's is too out if control right now so my only option is to go on humira, I'm nervous about trying it because of all the side effects. Also she told me I have anal skin tags. I know they don't go away on there own completely, but I was wondering if they ever shrink down, or become smaller?
Thanks for the update! Sorry that things have to be so difficult though. :( Sending many hugs your way and hope you start feeling better before long.:hug: