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Newbie Questions- emptying your bag, final Qs before leaving hospital

Hi all,
So glad I found this forum. Definitely makes me feel less alone while I'm learning all about my stoma!
So, today was the first day of emptying my bag (woohoo!lol) seeing as I'm now up and about. I have just been emptying it into a hospital waste bag in the sink, as the nurses need to measure the output.
Now, in everyday life obviously I will be emptying it into the toilet. The stoma nurse suggested I sit really far back on the toilet and do it like that, but I'm imagining a bit of splash back mess? Any tips for best way to empty into the toilet? (Sitting, standing, whatever?).
After emptying it, she showed me how to wipe out the inside of the rim of the bag, and said not to use baby wipes (even though the nurses have been using them). Why is this? Any tips here?
She also said she can organise a nurse visit (for a fee) who comes to your home while you are getting used to the stoma. Has anyone done this, do you think it's necessary/ a good idea?
And finally, any other Qs you think I should be asking my stomal nurse when I see her next (which is Monday!). I want to feel confident going home and not nervous and full of Qs.
Thanks for your help:ghug:
First up, well done on emptying your bag! It always seems like such a hurdle to begin with but it'll become like second nature to you very soon, especially once you're home and can just empty it down the loo, which is so much easier!

I used to empty mine sitting far back on the toilet, I just used to put a couple of piece of toilet paper in first to help prevent splashback!
And yep, there's no need to use baby wipes to clean the opening of the bag, a few bits of loo roll do fine and can then be flushed away too.

I personally had a Stoma nurse come to my home a few times, just to make sure I was ok and happy changing my bag which was so helpful.

If ask about how to order more products and bags, and make sure they send you home with plenty of supplies!! I'd get them to cut you a new template before you go too, your Stoma will change size so it's handy to go home with a recent template.

Good luck! Sounds like you're on the right track. It's always a bit scary to start with, we've all been there, but it will get easier!! Xx


I use wet wipes to make clean up easier and also feel more clean but you don't have to. A good at home nurse in the beginning would be a good idea to help you adjust. You will have questions and need tips and hopefully if they are good they will really help you adjust.
I always just crouched in front of the toilet and let'er rip. Never had a splashing issue. Then, instead of wiping the inside of the bag, I washed it out. I carried a "survival bag" with all the stuff I needed to change my bag or wafer if the need arised outside of home and in that bag I had one of those collapsible cups. I would get water in the sink at public restrooms and take it into the stall with me to rinse out the bag end. Worked like a charm, At home I just used a empty water bottle. If I had a large amount of water, I would slosh around in the bag and rinse the whole thing out and even wash my stoma a bit, the cold water always felt so good. I never had an issue wearing out my seal doing that but you could.
When I first got mine, I sat far back on the loo and emptied it between my legs, but only because I was so ill after surgery that I had to be sitting down. Now I kneel on the floor in front of the toilet (on a cushion, like you use to kneel on to pray in church - my bathroom floors are hard and my knees are bony! ;) ). I wouldn't like to do that in a public toilet though, I don't think.

It doesn't seem to splash. I wipe mine with babywipes, no problem. It's actually been much easier to wipe these past few days that I've had watery output. Watery output isn't a good thing, but it's easier to wipe off than my usual, normal, healthy thick stuff!

In the UK the stoma services you get vary from one area to another. Where I live the nurses don't do home visits. But it's always good to have someone check in early on, and having them come to you certainly sounds preferable!

Based on the stoma support thread where I've been posting back and forth with you, top of my list of questions to your nurse would be about your diet! And about changing your meds so you have ones you can properly absorb.
I've been kneeling in front of the toilet to empty my pouch ever since I had my rectum removal surgery in November and I like it. I've also been using a water bottle to rinse my pouch, but I'm undecided if it's been causing premature erosion of my flange.


I alternate between sitting far back and kneeling on a pad. I am comfy sitting but in the middle of the night I'm exhausted and find kneeling faster.

In public I just throw a bunch of toilet paper in and stand over and release. I don't want to sit and definitely won't kneel there!
I'm a kneeler, its the only way I reckon. Beware though, a couple of times early on after surgery I emptied on to the floor just I front of the toilet by not having the bag far enough over the toilet.
It's not a great look:smile:
Now it's second nature.
Emptying in public can be weird though, I work in offices all over London and obviously use the loo quite a lot. Firstly I get sick of going into the cubicle and emptying and being done long before the guy standing at the urinal has finished doing his business. I get the how come so quick look a lot lol. You end up waiting in the cubicle hoping nobody can see your feet under the door pointing the wrong way:ylol:
Doing this though I have realised how many people use the toilet and don't wash their hands!!!! DISGUSTING

The weirdest and this is no word of a lie was just last week. It was my third visit to the loo that morning and for some reason every time I was going the security guard was also in their. Now I don't know what he thought I was doing (I'm a sparky so dress in builder type clothes) I guess he must of thought drugs because as I knelt down in front of the toilet his face appeared under the cubicle wall looking straight at me. I guess he either thought I would be sitting so couldn't see him or standing and doing whatever. I just launched my foot against the wall and muttered pervert. Needless to say he went away real quick and funnily was being extremely accommodating about my parking in the car park the next day! Some people!
Anyway I have gone off the track, kneeling with a wet wipe or toilet paper works just fine!
Good luck
Grt73, omg I can't believe that! How rude!
I have been doing the ol' sit and empty which seems to be working fine, but I think the stand and empty might be best for when I am our and about. It's getting easier every day!


Grt, that's outrageous! I mean I know he has a job to do but that's an awful invasion of privacy. If he suspected drugs he could search you before or after and not to violate your privacy as you poo.
Yeah I know, in all my years I have never had anything like that before. I laugh about it, even more when I think he is probably still thinking.... What the hell was he doing in there hahaha.

Good on you Aussie, I gets a bit easier every day, week by week.

Wait till you master the on the move emergency empty! Note to oneself, never be more than 5 metres from a bag of wet wipes and a plastic bag!
He he, I had a bit of an emergency situation this morning.. Note to self- do up your bag before you clip it on! Duh! I won't be doing that again anytime soon, lol!