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Newbie Questions

Hi everyone.. just looking for some advice really. I know you can't diagnose me on here just wanted to let off some steam about symptoms and tests etc as I have been having issues for nearly 2 years wth no diagnosis.

25 yo female. 2 years of feeling awful. Bloating badly especially after meals and stomach pain , pain and can feel stools basically moving across bowels are sore. extreme constipation can go maybe ones a week and have to return back and fore as comes out in tiny pieces, sometimes when stomach pain is worst it's looser and covered in mucuas. Blood in stool twice but not for a while. Stomach pain mainly lower left abdomens but can spread across my stomach like a period cramp or early labour. Nausea. The worst nausea in the world which is also I think the cause of weight loss. Fatigue like I didn't know was possible.

Doctors told me it was anxiety I know it's not though. It's not anxiety.

Had endoscopy and stomach biopsy was convinced I had a stomach ulcer it came back al clear.

Calpotectin (spelling?) levels are 200 right now.

Doctor referred me today for colonoscopy.

Is a raised calpotectin level a guarantee you have IBS? I guess I ask because I wonder if after 2 years of barely leaving the house being so unwell I might finally have an answer or will it be possible the doctor sees nothing on screen

I think with blood there is a greater chance it is IBD. I hope you get a diagnosis soon. There is a section on here for people who are undiagnosed.


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Your calprotectin levels are raised but not extremely so.Normal is about 60,so yours indicates some inflammation.But there are some on the forum who've had levels of over 1,000.The blood COULD be because you're colon is inflamed or it could equally be an indication of hemerroids, (spelling?)
especially as your constipated.Welcome to the forum.
I believe elevated calprotection levels point to IBD, not IBS, because it indicates inflammation, which does not occur with IBS. There are others in the forum who are much more knowledgeable about it than I am, though. I'm sure they'll chime in.
Thanks guys!

Yeah I have a friend with Crohn's and her levels are usually about 1000!! So I was thinking maybe it was just a one off and they won't find anything wrong since mine were low?

I don't want there to be anything seriously wrong but at the same time it would bring some relief and answers after being very unwell for a long time now!!

Terrified for colonoscopy but at least it will give me some answers.. x


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Please don't worry about the colonoscopy.There's lots of advice on the forum.I know what you mean about wanting answers,heard that many times before.Good luck.