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Newby on here, oldbywith CD

I was diagnosed with CD in 1986, and hospitalized in 1988 and 1993 for one week while they pumped me full of meds to control the inflamation. Prednizone, asulfadine, pentasa, now I am on remicade and have been for about 4 years. I have had a recent flare up, during the tests it was also noted that I have developed fistulas - not connected to another organ yet. So I decided to do a lil more research into surgery, specifically removal of a portion of the intestines (Resection). My doc said that is the next step for me, since I am on the "heavy hammer and it still flared up". I am meeting with the general surgeon next month and will get more answers, surgery will be most likely scheduled late Jan/Early Feb 2010. They will be removing 6-7 inches of the small bowel and a small part of the large intestine. I think it they will be just performing the anastomosis.

I couple of questions for those that have had this "lovely" proceedure ...
How long was your stay in the hospital? How long was recovery? Did the take your appendix also? General experience?

Knowing how bad CD can be I know I am one of the lucky few, aside from flare ups (months sometimes years in between) and bouts of diahrea, i pretty much could eat and drink what I wanted - also knowing what foods would irratate me so I would be prepared. I love pizza, chicken wings, spicy food, cheese, etc :) I would have to stay away from peanuts at all times, but could eat cashews, weird!


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:welcome:krahsdnal....I had a resection of the terminal ileum in 8/2008. I'm pretty sure my appendix is gone, yet I know I did not sign for an appectectomy. (one of these days I will get my records to find out for sure)...

The recovery was pretty normal for me. I had 2 c-sections previously and the pain was similar if not better because it was a relief from the Crohn's pain....I had consulted with a surgeon beforehand, but he was reluctant to perform surgery. I am wondering if they will give you the option of having drains placed to alleviate the possibility of an abscess forming versus going straight for the resection?...Other than the fistula, are you obstructed or do you have a stricture?

At about day 14 I was pretty much feeling good enough to drive, in fact, I drove to see the surgeon for my post-op consult????

The bad part for me is that although my pain is gone, 1) my disease is now going after healthy bowel 2) I have bile salts diarrhea...But, for the most part I am thankful I had it done....

Welcome again to the forum...Keep us posted. And if you have any other questions please ask.:)


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How long was your stay in the hospital? How long was recovery? Did the take your appendix also? General experience?
First off, welcome.
My stay in the hospital (mine was from an emergency surgery, by the way) was 5 days. Recovery was 6 weeks but I was on my feet and outside the second day I was home. They did take my appendix because it had ruptured.
My experience in general wasn't so good, but as I said, mine was an emergency situation. The recovery was pretty easy and the pain after surgery was null. Very little pain at all.
Well, I get shortened by 6 inches (15 cm) on Jan 25th. Doc said he can do it lapro, but reserves the right to slice. WOO HOO .. FUN FUN

Well GOOD LUCK buddy!! Hope it goes smoothly and that you heal up QUICK! I'm sure you are looking forward to it being a thing of the past for you.....
Good luck Krahsdnal. If they are doing it lapro you will probably have less of a recovery as well. As far as incisions healing goes that is.

I spent a week in the hospital after my resection, then a week at home before they'd release me to go back to work. I could sit at work though, and be fairly sedentary. If it weren't for that he said he wouldn't have released me. However, I did have 2 incisions and it was more of an emergency situation as well, and a surprise.

I too had fairly little pain once I was out of the hospital. I only used 2 of the pain pills they prescribed me, and one was for a headache I was too lazy to get up and get a tylenol for. :) haha Most of my pain was in things like laughing, sneezing, coughing, and trying to sit up or roll over. Things like that, but those were due to the incisions. Hopefully you shouldn't have to deal with too much pain due to lapro.

They did take my appendix. It was attached to where they removed my intestines. I have heard several times that it's common practice anymore to remove it when doing any abdominal surgeries. I do remember he said my appendix was normal and healthy looking versus the rest. hehe

Again, Good luck. You'll be in our thoughts, keep us updated as to your progress and how you're doing.

Do you live alone or with someone? Have someone to help you while healing?
Thanks All. I am so looking forward for this to be done. Yep he is taken the appendix also. Wife and two boys (9&11) will try to help. Wife is recovering from 3 hip replacement surgies in the last 15 mos. My parents are going to come out for a couple of weeks and flying the MIL in for a couple weeks after that.
I'm glad you'll have people there to help you. I was fairly lethargic for a while and needed a little extra help. Of course I wasn't allowed to lift anything over 15 pounds for 8 weeks. As I told my daughter, nothing heavier then the cat. :) haha I think a lot of that had to do with he incisions, so I don't know much about lapro recovery. I'm sure someone will come in here soon and tell you all about lapro recovery. :)
I am looking forward to some "down time" ;-) of course I can think of better ways to get it. I have already been telling my younger son that he has to be careful, he loves to jump on me and wrestle. If someone doesnt I will be able to answer in a few weeks :)
Hope the surgery goes well! Keep us posted. Was informed yesterday that if my current treatment does not take then my colon is basically gone. Curious how others surgeries go.
I hope the surgery goes well for you, with no complications and quick healing afterwards.
Keep us posted on how things go. :)
Here is my update:

I went in last mon (Jan 25th) for a small bowel resection. They were supposed to take 6 inches and hoped to do it larascopically. After being put under and being prepped the dr was pushing around on my abdomin and found a large mass that was not going to be able to be taken larascopically. So I got the full slice and dice treatment. What was supposed to be an hour and a half surgery was 4 hours.

They ended up taking 2 feet of the small bowel and the a small part of the large where they connect (appendix was also removed). There were three fistulas total and two had reconnected back to the small and large respectively and the third hadnt connected to anything yet. The sigmoid colon had adjoined itself to the bladder and had the consistancey of leather and according to the dr had to be "chisled off the bladder". That part of the simoid colon was also resected.

I was discharged from the hospital on thursday and recovering at home. Believe it or not but there are no restrictions on my food, but I am taking it easy and no hitting the wings and beer yet. There is still alot of pain but it comes and goes, the percoset helps, I am trying to walk around the house as much as possible. I am looking forward to getting back to normal.
Holy crud!!! Glad they were able to clean you up pretty well and remove that mess. Hopefully your recovery will go without a hitch. Take it easy...and with the food...take it easy with that as well buddy. You have a "clean" gut - keep it happy.

BTW...love that siggy ;)
WOW!! Well at least they were able to do it all at once, and get everything taken care of while they were in there. Hope you heal up quickly. :)
Had my follow up with the surgeon and he comes in shaking his head and says " you are a problem child arent you" (see post above) He said all looks well, keep doing what I am doing and he hopes to never see me again. I said thanks doc appriciate what you did and no offense but I hope I never see you either.

BTW - If you have surgery, colonsocopy etc, always as for a copy of the report and keep a file of your stuff at home. It is interesting reading and you always have a copy just in case
Did yours go away? Maybe I should make that my avatar?

I dunno if I want that pic, it would be a swollen shaved belly with a 6 inch scar - which means it is a one piece at the pool for me I would look like hell in a bikini
:ylol2: We don't want to SEE it - maybe you would just want a momento of it. Hey - at least you didn't have happen to you what happened to me. My hubby's med school buddies were the ones who "took care of me" after my surgery. They rounded on me and had to take my staples out. It was *awkward* to say the least! So - put your bikini on and hush!!


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I want to see it....Just kidding. I have a nice scar now...I was glued and not stapled. But I do wish I had a picture with all the sterie strips.....It looked like a train track! Plus My stomach was nice and flat for once....My bikini days were long after baby #3;)