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Hi all. New to this forum. I was diagnosed with crohns 16 years ago and had my first op about 6 weeks ago. I'm quite positive but have many down days. I am currently trying to find the right diet for me, as due to my surgery I am absolutely determined to not have another chunk of my vowel taken out!!!:ymad:

Currently taking azathioprine, questran and tramadol.
So far so good since surgery although I am using the toilet much more often :poo:

Nice to meet you all :ghug:
Yeah I have recently heard about this and it sounds great, the only problem is that the more healthy foods are, the more my stomach hurts. Iv been looking at ways to blend veggies and fruits into drinks initially then slowly introduce to my diet. I don't want to have to boil all my veg to death!!! Have u tried this?


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I have not tried either, although I know of people who have and it worked great for them. Have you tried juicing at all?
Yeah juicing is great, I add all kinds of stuff to fruit smoothies. Powdered almonds, aloe vets juice etc. very healthy but really need more veg. Iv seen some veg/fruit smoothies recipes, so gonna try them. Iv decided to stock up in frozen fruit and veg to make it easier!!
Over the last year I get the v8 fruit and vege drinks... I know there is better options... But rather than not eating ( which I'm not hungry), I have one of the poppers and that keeps my energy levels up and only eat a meal once a day...

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That's a good tip. I have tried the innocent smoothies and will look into the v8 veg smoothies. At the mo I'm eating lots of fish and chicken, do they cause problems for you?
I steer clear of breads and pastas now... Rice is ok in small amounts for me, chicken is ok, fish is ok, I'm really getting a dislike for meat though... (Tastes like a butchers workbench), I don't eat fruit, I eat veges in stir fries. Mainly I don't eat though... And just drink the v8 juices...

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I like that....butchers work bench, I get that, especially red meat. Iv cut out wheat, gluten, most sugars and lactose. It seems to be I'm at the mo. only 7 weeks post surgery so my stomach is still repairing. Banana and soya milk is a good way for me to get calcium and vits into my diet