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Newer Diet May Expand Food Options For Many Children With Crohn’s

San Diego
Investigators examined the efficacy of CDED compared with exclusive enteral nutrition (EEN) for remission induction of patients with Crohn’s disease. They did so by examining 61 pediatric patients diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, each of whom was treated with CDED plus partial EN or with EEN.

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my little penguin

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See above

my kiddo did this diet a few years ago before it was “official “
Did not really help
But … big but
He has life threatening food allergies to tree nuts and fish so that limited things (found out he was allergic to quite a few fish while trying this diet )
And he also has juvenile arthritis plus an auto inflammatory condition (which requires different biologics and wasn’t being treated at the time of the cded diet )
So it probably works for other kids with just crohns
You know in the uk on the TV most nights we have a famous actor with crohns

His name is Jeff Hordley

He looks healthy appears to never miss work, and he has managed his crohns for decade's with a very strict diet and taking supplements such as aloe Vera, no medication.

He grows his own vegetables.

Diet is key.

It would be great to hear from people who do manage to maintain remission on diet how they do it, what they eat day to day, how it's cooked how many years remission.

Seams natural food is best not processed.

Hard for a kid to never go in McDonald's KFC, or eat around a friends house however, even Christmas in the western world, it's about eating as much rubbish and watching TV in most western households.

The superstores are laden, with this stuff at festive time, but I'm not sure even that all of it is a problem, crohns may like some junk food far better than fruit.

Needs a lot more studying, and I hope the studies on diet really increase and get more detailed.

I can't really think what else the trigger for inflammation could be other than food, but why different patients can accept different foods is very confusing.