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Newly diagnosed 15 year old UC awaiting MRI so could be CROHNS

Hi everyone,

mum new here but I am in need of help my daughter who is newly diagnosed UC but waiting MRI with do as biopsy results from her GI came back inconclusive for CROHNS.

she has been suffering for the past week with a relapse so that for her used to mean loose stools but this is something new she is sleeping most of the time and has been vomiting for the last three day this morning it was green bile, she hasn’t been able to eat lost 3kg in one week and me and her dad are just worried and at a loss.

she is currently taking saloflak 1.5mg and has been fine on this since when she started which was about 6 weeks ago up until now.

I have her taking diarolite at the moment with non fizzy lucozade any tips help advice would be so helpful.

I have already called the IBD nurse but they don’t work weekends.

very worried mum!!!!!!!!!


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It could be small bowel Crohn's but it could also be normal kid yuck. Especially if this is something new and her symptoms at dx were loose stools and that has resolved. Crohn's could change over time but not usually this quickly ie: move from colon to small bowel. I think you did the right thing messaging the IBD nurse and would expect maybe they move up the date of the MRI and do some labs. Sorry everything in GI land is so murky.

If there is anyway she can get down some enteral nutrition formula I would have her try little bits of that. It will help her get some good nutrition and also helps treat inflammation but not so much so fast that it will mess with MRI results if they are soon. The most important thing right now is to help her not lose more weight as weight loss is pro inflammatory and will make her feel like rubbish.

Dehydration will also make you nauseous and vomitting makes you dehydrated. Vicious circle. Timmy sips of electrolyte replacement if she could handle it. Every little bit helps.

Has she had a fecal calprotectin test? That might help you evaluate what direction inflammation is going in but those results can take anywhere from 3 - 7 days.
Hi and Thankyou for your response.

currently she has the loose stools and she has the vomiting nothing has subside only continued to get worse.

she had faecal calprotein done before the diagnosis and I believe normal is 50 she was at 3700 with very mild symptoms.

I am trying my best with replacing electrolytes very slowly but I appreciate any advice and I wil give the other things you have suggested a go it’s just all a bit much for her and us at the moment.