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Newly diagnosed and looking for reassurance

Hi, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Crohns after spending 5 weeks in hospital! I’ve been home for 2 weeks now and on steroids and infliximab. I’m in pain a lot of the time and finding it really hard to sleep. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and how long it took for you to feel normal again. At the moment I just don’t see me ever feeling normal again and I’m just looking for reassurance really! Also any advice on living with Crohns would be much appreciated. Thankyou


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It does take time to start feeling better plus it is a shock to be given the diagnosis.
Once you get over the initial shock you will start finding out about different foods and if any cause problems which can happen for some people.
There will be a way to help control symptoms and some of the drugs used for Crohns control can be quite efficacious.
Take it slowly and read some of the information available on this website...it can be very helpful to understanding the illness and different approaches which may help you to feel better.
You will find many friends on this site..many of whom have experienced crohns the same way as you.
Feel free to ask any questions as you go forward in you crohn’s journey.
Feel better soon

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Lucylou : I am so sorry that you had to spend such a lengthy time in the hospital. I have not had an experience similar to yours. Trysha is right.

It takes time, trial and error, patience and.....lots of patience when working toward our goal to remission.

Welcome to the forum. 🌼
I have learned a lot here and you will too.

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Lucylou, I would recommend keeping a food journal so you can start to keep track of what makes you feel better versus worse, track your symptoms in it and what meds/vitamins you take. Like the others are saying, there is so much trial and error here, takes a lot of time and patience, but if you are paying attention to your body and making adjustments as you go, you'll get to a good spot again.