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Newly diagnosed - Budesonide side effects

Hi all,
I am a 41 year old female diagnosed last month. I dont have diarreah or constipation. Just severe bloating and gas, belching issues. Capsule endoscopy showed many ulcers in jejunum and small intestine. Fecal cal protactine is 161. Colonoscopy showed normal terminal ileum and normal normal colon, but biopsy showed chronic active ileitis.

I m currently on preventative TB medicine for 3 months and started 6 mg budesonide last week. I m experiencing severe drenching night sweats, low grade fever, insomnia, severe gas, abdominal sounds, and burning above naval area where the ulcers are.i left a message for my GI specialist but haven’t heard back. Has anyone experienced severe side effects like these on budesonide? I know its not the TB medicines bcz i started those way before budesonide. So it’s definitely 6 mg budesonide.
I am also gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and unable to digest any protein from past 6 months.

Also, anyone with mild crohns out there? What was the medication course after stopping steroids for you?

Any feedback is highly appreciated!,

Thank you,