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Newly diagnosed -- I think...

After several months of rectal bleeding, I finally had a colonoscopy yesterday. The doc assessed it as 'suspected' Crohn's colitis, as the inflamed areas are scattered throughout my colon. I still have to have a CT scan and do the microbiology tests to confirm things, I guess. While doing the four days of low-fibre diet in prep for the colonoscopy, my symptoms were outrageous -- the worst consistent pain/diarrhea I've had over several days, so I guess at least the scope caught everything in full flight. I've been put on Pentasa and Salafalk suppositories for the next 3 months and have to go back to see the specialist in 6 - 8 weeks.

I'm in my mid-50s and I've had lactose sensitivities for years. When I think back on it, other things have set off bouts of diarrhea, but I never figured it was serious enough to ask a doctor about until the bleeding started. So now I have a lot to learn about me -- what sets me off and what will make it better. I teach fulltime so finding a way to manage in the middle of flares will be really important because leaving a room full of jr high kids to their own devices while I run to the washroom could be a scary thing! (just kidding - the kids I teach are fantastic!)

Anyways, I found this board while I was searching out information on Crohn's and UC. It's nice to see such a support vehicle available!


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Hi and welcome. Considering how long it takes for some to be diagnosed I'm glad you've got some initial answers.

Sending you my support.