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Newly diagnosed January 2011, Trinidad and Tobago


IMy name is Pancho, I live in Trinidad, i was searching the net for information as it relates to crohns, and came across this site.

Its very reassuring to see people with the same symptoms that i have, im very confused and a bit scared, it seems that my crohns is not too bad at the moment, i was diagnosed after going to a GI one whole year after trying every possible doctor here in Trinidad. I never had severe , just mild pain in my abdomen and pains in my legs etc.. I asked my GP maybe in June of this year and was told i would know if its crohns, because of bloody dirreah etc etc... which i never had, ive had an autoimmune disease when i was in my 20s, im now 45, so 20 odd years ago, its called reactive arthritis, same grouping of diseases as crohns. I went though a couple of Months of severe stress and all of a sudden started noticing abdominal pain, pain in legs, eyes were giving trouble etc.. then i got some low back pain that went away after maybe 3 weeks.. i had every possible test for diseases with negative results, but i had a slightly elevated sed rate.

Well to cut a story short, i insisted that i get the colonoscopy done and here i am.. i now have arthritis in my hips, ankles, back, that sreally worrying me, My GI told me its crohns related and im into my second week of Sulfasalazine.. i see from other posts that others like me are experiencing arthritis in the joints and spine, i saw a slight improvement after the first week of Sulfasalazine, just wondering how long this medication takes? Interestingly my GI has crohns as well and this medication worked well for him, however, he has no arthritis. I also saw a post by a fellow TRINI, Nicole i believe, so hi to you! and hello to everyone any advise will be apprecaited..


Hi Pancho
and welcome

It's a fallacy that Crohn's involves bleeding diarrhea, many of us don't bleed, me included.
Joint pain is a common theme running on the forum, me included! I'm not too sure about arthritis being associated with it tho! It's a possibility, but loads of people have arthritis without the Crohn's.
Give the sulphalazine some more time, I'm on Pentasa, a fellow 5ASA. It works by reducing inflammation and maintaining further relapses.
Enjoy the forum
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Hello Trinis!
My name is Ferenc Zelenak im planning to move to Trinidad end of this year with my girlfriend she is from Trinidad originally, im from Hungary from the old continant. i was diagnosed with Crohn 12 years ago back in Hungary, my illness started with anal fistulas, then i had high fever attacks, bleeding, and lost weight big time in a short period, i was ill when i had to eat and i was suffering if i could not eat...i have got diagnosed with Crohn 1 months before my 20th birthday...yeah good luck mate...i had joint pain in the first few years than i got symptom free for over 8 years...unfortunatly it attacked me again in england with the fistulas in my rectum so i have to live my life with a colostomy bag. i have no problems with the crohn over 12 years i more likely got the trouble with its side effects the fistulas,etc.
im worried about moving to Trinidad as i need stoma care, ihave to think about supplies and medical help too, but i went thru 14 ops in the last 4 years and im stronger and happier, it s time to enjoy my life with my love in the place i love so much... i was close to say good bye to this world,the depression, the future didnt look good, my previous marriage went down hill and i ended leaving my wife whose found more difficult to deal with my illness than i...the depression, the fact that under estimate myself and do not feel myself being the real me anymore..i think the crohn s worst effect in our life`s the side effects...but that s when it starts eating up our life, so keep smiling and keep on keeping on...do not give up. keep fit, take lots of vitamins, aloe vera juice actually helped me a lot!!!!, and do not stress yourselves out, go out, live your life to the fullest!

so trinis, please give me some help and tips where or what i need to do when i moved to Trinidad with my illness...if you know a doctor, or hospital it good with the crohn please let me know, i would be really greatful...thanks a lot and may god bless you all!
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Welcome to the forum! :)
Some of my old friends are from Trinidad. I lived in S. Florida for a couple of years and worked with many people from Trinidad. :)
Just wanted to pop by with the welcome!