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Newly diagnosed, new here

Hello Everyone,

I'm a 34 year old mom of 2 kids, very newly diagnosed with Crohn's. My brother was diagnosed at 19 so I'm not completely new to the disease. My body actually started telling me something was wrong in the form of iritis (inflammation of the iris) and major foot pain and swelling--then came the symptoms of Crohn's itself. I have to say, reading everyone's intros and stories has made me thankful that I've had a pretty easy go of it so far. Prednisone helps with all the inflammation in my body and now I've started Imuran, with hopes that it will keep me in remission. My brother has had things FAR worse and at this point is living with an illiostomy (sp?). I'm glad to have found this forum and what seems like a supportive community.



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Hello Carla, welcome to the forum.

I'm glad to hear your treatment seems to be doing the trick and getting your symptoms under control. Imuran can take a little while to get to theraputic levels but it's very good for sustaining remission :).
I hope both you and your brother will find this forum helpful and supportive :).