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Newly diagnosed with Crohn's at 33

Hi my name is Jennifer and I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's colitis. The disease is specifically in my colon. Ever since my diagnosis I have found it very difficult. I've lost almost 30 pounds to this disease (used to weigh 118) on my already petite frame. I find it very hard to eat dealing with the nausea from meds and back and forth to the bathroom. I'm still learning about this disease and would greatly appreciate some advice as I'm really upset. I find myself crying a lot feeling defeated. Right now my Dr has me on Apriso and am scared as to how my body will react to it. I don't know what to eat or drink. My Dr said to avoid all dairy products. I have been unable to work for the past 2 months and always feel tired no matter how much sleep I get. Please I'm turning to you guys because I feel alone. I feel like my family and friends don't understand this disease.
I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I remember when i was first diagnosed and how unwell I was. It will get better. The treatments will help, your body will get used to the medications. You have probably been unwell for a long time and your body needs a chance to start recovering. You will learn what works for you and how best to manage. People do have a difficult time understanding what a chronic disease is like, but they do care. There are plenty of us with IBD and we know exactly what you are going through. Be easy on yourself.
Welcome, Jennifer. Everyone is different. You might want to keep a food diary to see which specific foods your bodu reacts to. Has your doctor done blood work on you? You may need b12/iron. Feel free to come here anytime.