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Newly diagnosed with uc stage 1

So, yesterday i had colonoscopy and diagnosed with proctitis stage1 with loss of the vascular pattern. Doctor has prescribed 400mg mesahenz

My gut problems started around 4 years back after a period of stress. Main problems were acidity and indigestion. Gradually my acid refulx came in control.. i no longer have heart burn, but i still feel there's lots of acid in my stomach, and i always have indigestion, especially in the evening at around 6pm. I generally feel well in the morning till afternoon and start feeling sick in evening. I have two to three bowel movements, but still feel constipated. I thought my issues were related to constipation. I had endoscopy three years back, and was diagnosed with antral gastrities, doctor put me on PPI... gradually i learned to live with my symptoms, but i never felt really well. Decided to visit my gestroentrologist again, he suspected Croh's and did Fecal calprotectin test, which came slightly elevated (98). so he asked for colonoscopy, and it came out to be UC. he has taken biopsy samples, i will get biopsy result after around 10 days. I have stage1 internal hemmeroids as well.

I never have blood in stool, or rectal pain, just indigestion, and feeling of constipation, no appetite, and slight epigastric discomfort just above belly in the center of stomach.. no pain.

Why could he have taken the biopsy ? - is there any chance of colorectal cancer (i am 32). is it possible that biopsy comes negative for UC?

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Hi and welcome! Yes, it does sound like a possibility that you may have Ulcerative Proctitis even without the blood. Here is a website that can explain some info for you.


Usually when I have a colonoscopy my GI takes biopsies. Reason being that he's thorough and wants to make sure all is fine with me. Cancer is always a possibility, but not a sure thing when it comes to being tested. As you can see, this year is 20 years since I was first diagnosed and I haven't had Cancer. However, sometime this year I too will be going for a colonoscopy.

I guess what I'm saying is at this moment all you can do is wait and see. We're here for you no matter what. Take care. :)