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Newly Diagnosed

Well todays the day I finally realize that this isn't really a battle I can fight by myself, and possibly not even with friends and family (though they obviously make a great difference). I was recently "diagnosed" with Crohn's disease and Im currently sitting at home, well laying actually as it is the only position that is at least tolerable at the moment, instead of seeing a good friend that happens to be in town for a short period of time. While a TON of dietary adjustments have been made (giant pain given I was most definitely a meat and bread guy haha) I still haven't been moved yet onto all the medications that will most likely be necessary. My symptoms are somewhat different in that I seem to essentially alternate between extreme bouts of mud butt to extreme constipation, then the great wonders of hemroids at the same time just for extra measure. Anyways, to be quite honest Im just here to say hi because its the first time the loneliness has really hit me... That point where symptoms line up so imperfectly that they keep you from the things that matter most in life, friends, family, fun, etc. So much of me just wants this to be done with, and I know that as more tests and other doctor crap is done things may improve, but theres no promise of that and I find that so incredibly depressing. It still feels strange even talking about this honestly as for obvious reasons at least at first its so awkward to talk to people about doctor visits, symptoms, etc. But I figure you have to start somewhere.

So here I am, My name is Drew, Im 25 years old, and I'm just starting to adjust and learn how to live with Crohn's disease. Im always open to advice and otherwise, and hopefully just starting to talk on here (even though yes I realize this post has absolutely no direction or real point) helps in some way, shape, or form. So until later, Ill return to the knife stabbing in my small intestine at the moment haha. With any luck I look forward to getting to know some, a few, or maybe even all of you.

Welcome Drew, I think you'll find the various forums very helpful here. Plus it's nice to have someone to bounce things off of sometimes or vent to even that knows exactly what you are going through too. I hope you and your GI find a plan that works for you plus any tips that you find here help too.


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Welcome to the forum.

Crohns can be a really hard condition to come to terms with and deal with on a long term basis, so the more support you have, the easier it is. Friends and family are great, but sometimes its hard for them to see what this is really like, especially since crohns patients can look so healthy when they are really very sick.

Everyone here knows and understands what you are going through, you aren't on your own. Don't give up, it can take time but many people manage to get their symptoms under control and it is more than possible to live a full, happy life with those you love. Yes the disease is unsocial while getting used to it, but there are many things that can be done to control symptoms while you're healing and to keep the disease controlled. Read through the forums, there are lots of success stories, there are people who have achieved and maintained remission for 10 or more years, and others that have managed the disease and symptoms with just medication and lived a near normal life.

You'll get used to talking about things like symptoms, even if you start by just talking about it here and to your doctors. We all understand what this disease does and there's nothing to be embarrassed about with us, there's nothing you can't talk about with us. We will never judge you or think less of you, we will always do our best to be understanding, supportive and helpful.

If you would prefer to talk in a private message please feel free to pm me anytime.
Hello Drew,
I'm really glad you joined us today :). I can understand how you're probably feeling right now, I've had crohns for 9 months now and went through a tumult of emotions while trying to get used to living with crohns, anger, frustration, worried and lonely, I didn't think I would be able to accept it but I have and I'm really surprised at how I feel now compared to then.

You don't need to feel lonely anymore, there are so many wonderful people here who just want to be there for you and will answer any questions you may have, no matter what it's about. You need never feel embarrassed talking about anything on here, it's brilliant.

I remember my feeling as I watched my family carry on with their lives while I lay at home, I was really sad that I couldn't do the same, but thankfully, with time, medication and adjusting my diet I can see light at the trend of the tunnel :).

When I get that stabbing pain you mentioned I use heat to add it, either a towel straight out of the dryer or a heat sack I pop in the microwave, it's amazing how soothing it can be and a warm bath works wonders too. Have a look at the low residue diet info on the forum wiki, it will give you a starting point on foods to avoid and its worth keeping a food diary too and including symptoms, it will help you see what foods are triggers for your symptoms.

I know it's a lot to take in and do but it will help you start to take control of the situation and how you are feeling. Take care and big hugs and a very warm welcome to the forum. :ghug:
Haha well I have to say I woke up this morning, and I thought it sent an email for every reply when someone had posted and I hadn't received any so I thought "Great, obviously reaching out was a fantastic idea (Sarcasm)" so you all just brought a smile to my face. I appreciate the recommendations with the warm towels and even the simple reality that Im not the only person stuck living with this condition. So thank you all. I don't have time to write much but when I decided to log on and say my sarcastic response it brought tears to my eyes to see people giving a crap. So I truly appreciate it, it made my night and I look forward to getting to know all of you!!


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If you don't visit the forum again before there's a new reply it will only send a single email, sometimes I don't get any either. People will always respond to you eventually :) sometimes things get lost in the forum because there are so many posts but once someone replies it pushes the thread to the top of the list.

I'm glad you feel so much better :) that's what we're here for!
Hey Drew,

I actually have similar symptoms to what you're describing - bouts of diarrhea followed by extreme constipation. It's a very individual disease, is what I've come to realize - there's no right or wrong set of symptoms!

The good news is as you work through the various medical approaches, there is hope. For example, I've been on 6MP for a little over a month and my D bouts have decreased markedly. There's plenty of reason t be optimistic, but it takes time.

The LONG time to get there can be frustrating. The folks on these forums are amazingly supportive and we all have some knowledge of what you're gong thru (though again, it's an individual disease and your journey will be your own).

I've found that sharing experiences, frustrations, and even ranting once n a while to the folks here who have some of the same experiences has been a huge help.

Best of luck with your treatment and welcome!