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Newly diagnosed

Hello! I am new to the group! I was just diagnosed with Crohn's after a colonoscopy and biopsy. I have been in treatment for Lyme Disease and coinfections for about 6 months with my main symptoms being "IBS." I have had symptoms for about 3 years. My GI doctor suspected microscopic colitis after the initial consult. After the colonoscopy, he reported erythema and congestion in the entire colon consistent with unspecified colitis. After a week, he called me and said the biopsy indicated Crohn's. He seemed a bit surprised and has ordered blood work to confirm the diagnosis and started me on Pentasis (two 500mg capsules 4x/day.) Just curious if others were diagnosed strictly by biopsy or if both that and blood tests are needed. I am very new to this and am trying to get a handle on what I have in store for me. I have a feeling I will learn a great deal from you all. Thanks!


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Hi and welcome. I was diagnosed in the pediatric GI's clinic at the hospital. He did a sigmoidoscopy. All the other tests confirmed what he already knew.

I hope your treatment puts you in remission soon and you can get on with living. Best wishes.