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Newly diagnosed

I am new to this forum and am still figuring out how it works... but anyways: my story.

Two and a half years ago I got this eye infection and went to my general practioner and she put me on a heavy round of antibiotics. Within 4 days of beginning them, blood began to appear in my stools. I tried not to panic because one of the side effects of the antibiotics was bloody stools. But going to the bathroom became incredibly painful. At the time I was 16 and wasn't big on going to the doctors. I kept it to myself for the first few months but finally I talked to my mom because I was so scared. Every time I had to go it felt like knives were passing through. She suggested I try hemorrhoid suppositories, which did relieve some of the pain for a little while. After a few more months my symptoms returned once more and so I went to my doctor to talk to her about my problems. She told me I just had hemorrhoids and I should just keep doing what I had been doing and to drink more water. In April of last year I couldn't take it anymore so I went back and she prescribed me a topical ointment for hemorrhoids. I returned a short month and a half later only to be prescribed ANOTHER topical ointment. I was frustrated because nothing was working. August rolled around and I just felt so sick. Going up a flight of stairs would wind me and leave me light headed - at the time I was 18 and very active and never had respiratory problems before, so I knew something was wrong. After some research I thought it may have been an iron deficiency. Sure enough, I was below a third of the minimum iron that should be in the body. I began taking iron which helped my energy levels immensely. Then October rolled around and I began experiencing the most terrifying and excruciating pain I have ever felt. There was so much blood in my stools along with very large white fragments. I thought I had contracted a parasite (I regularly volunteered at an animal shelter) due to the bizarre chunks in my stools. The pain progressively got worse. I contacted my doctor and she ordered a single round of parasite stool tests for me. Of course, they came back negative. She was trying to have me tested for one thing a time but I begged to have her refer me to a GI specialist. She still was testing me very slowly and the GI said that I should have a bunch of basic tests in before coming in for my appointment. I switched general practioners and finally my new doctor recognized that whatever was going on was very serious. He ordered all of the tests I needed immediately. I then consulted with the GI and he ordered a colonoscopy. After that I had to do a capsule endoscopy. By the time I got the news that I had crohns it had been 3 months from my initial consultation with the GI.

I am afraid to talk about it with my family because I know it isn't the most enlightening subject matter. Sometimes when I have needed to talk they have changed the topic, which is disheartening.

My doctor wants me to begin Azathioprine and I am terrified to try it, but I don't know what other practical options are. I have been using CBD oil for symptomatic problems but it only has been helping so much. I haven't had much of an appetite for a few weeks and have started to lose weight and I already don't have that much to lose.

Sorry for the super long blurb, but it is so relieving to know that I can communicate with others going through a similar experience.
Welcome to the forum. I am sorry for all you are going through but you have found a good supportive group . Is there a way that you could call your gi doctor and ask if there are any cancellations if they could fit you in sooner? I hope they can get you on the right medicine to put you in remission soon. Let us know how you are doing.

Lynda Lynda

Bass : Welcome ! 💕

You can talk about anything here.
Lots of different threads to read and participate in.
I am so glad you finally got a diagnosis because now you can get treatment.
I have never been prescribed Azathiroprine.
Lots of drugs have side effects but are needed to help reduce the inflammation so that no more damage is done.