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Newly Pregnant & flared - help!

On Saturday it will be 3 weeks since ovulation. Before ovulation I was in remission, and since ovulation (and conception) I started to flare. I am in no pain, but have blood when I move my bowels. My specialist talked about putting me on predizone, but I asked the pharmacist who didn't recommend it in early pregnancy. I currently have Remicade infusions every 6 weeks, which I know is fine while pregnant. I have my next on September 26th. I do get a steroid before the remicade as a pre-med.

the receptionist at my doc office said a lot of women can flare in early pregnancy due to the hormone changed.

My my question has this happened to anyone? What about predizone in early pregnancy? I have had miscarriages that were traumatic and don't want to add any risk. I'm already an anxious, hormonal mess.
I had one bad flare while pregnant. I was did not take meds. My GI would not even touch me while I was pregnant, so frustrating :( I did find another GI after I had my babies!
This is happening to me. I'm 9 weeks and have been flaring pretty much since conception. I was in remission before getting pregnant and finally got the go ahead from the GI and I went into an immediate flare :(

I'm on humira and the GI has bumped it up to weekly to see how that goes and if its enough to get me in remission. Failing this we will go for prednisilone and whatever else is needed to get me better. Pred is ok in pregnancy, there is a slightly increased risk of cleft palate but i think it's fairly small. Good luck I hope its smoother sailing for you soon.