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Nexium with Crohn's

I am a 70-year-old female. I was diagnosed with Crohn's three years ago and am taking Pentasa. My condition is mild to moderate and relatively stable. I have taken Nexium for acid reflux all this time, with no bad effects. During my last visit, my doctor advised me to wean myself off of Nexium because it could worsen my Crohn's. Has anyone experienced a worsening of Crohn's symptoms while taking Nexium?
Is your Dr. a GI?
I take Pantoprazole when I have acid reflux, it was prescribed by my GI, once a day but I only take it when i need it. It has not bothered my CD, I am not sure of the diff between Pantoprazole and Nexium other than that they are for the same condition.
As for Pentasa, I hope it works for you. My new GI does not believe in the stuff. I said to him, my last GI had me swallowing 1000's of them over the years, new GI said water under the bridge. I have had 2 terminal ileum re-sections and am now on Humira injections, every 2 weeks methotrexate pills (5/week), Olyster powder daily, B12 pills daily.

Good luck
I was prescribed this by my GP before we had a definite diagnosis. I’ve never been told it could aggravate the Crohn’s, in my case it was an absolute godsend. I could finally eat and keep food down lol.

I know there are issues which have been raised taking it long term with stomach cancer etc, but I’ve never heard anything directly in relation to it affecting or worsening Crohn’s before.

Very odd thing to say without elaborating if you ask me?
I have been taking Omeprazole (Prilosec) daily for about 15 years with no problems. My GI, who knew I had Crohn's, said that I could take it daily for the rest of my life.