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Ng tube tomorrow!!

Doctors gave me two options surgery or ng tube I took ng tube cause surgery is very scary and dangerous. I just wanted to hear people's experiences putting in ng tubes and if it helped or not and which formula did they use with you. I am nervous and this is very helpful thank you all :ybiggrin:
I have had an NG inserted whilst i was in hospital although it wasn't used to feed me, more to help stop me constantly being sick... Didnt work and being sick through an ng tube is weird!..

Don't worry though, I wont lie its not very pleasant when it goes down but its not painfull, just a bit strange.
I have had a few ng's put in. The first time it took several attempts and I was quite sore after but my consultant said that the person who did it didn't do it right. Since then they have gone in ok.
It does make your eyes water and retch a bit. Once its down felt a bit 'retchy' but it settled afetr a couple of days. The first 2 times I was fed just to put weight on and bowel rest and it worked reasonably well but I could eat as well if I wanted.

This time I have a nasojejunal tube which was put in in theatre. Initially this again was for weight gain and so just had nutrison extra overnight with a portable pump by homecare. This week though I am starting an elemental regime with 028 and nothing by mouth but water. This is to try and settle inflammation down/bleeding etc. I am hopeful it will work though am also starting humira.

The main issue I have with tubes is the nose irritation - use vaseline or similar...though I have been known to put tissue paper around the tube as it is comforatble but I look ridiculous..only at home!
Also the sore throat.This is intermittent and at times I can't swallow my saliva without pain. Throat sprays take the edge of but I have yet to find a good remedy. My consultant says it may be because of my mouth ulcers etc ( I have upper gi/gastroduodenal crohns).

I have at least another 6-8 weeks once the elemental feed gets delivered.

Are you bolusing your feed or having it pumped overnight. Have they said if it will be exclusive through tube or some oral intake.
Which country are you...feeds will be different probably in different countries.

I have a specially designed little rucksack with straps so I can be mobile with my pump and feed!

If you have any other questions ask away...I will try and help.
Since my daughter has been inserting/removing an NG tube each night for over three years, I can say from experience that DRINKING through a straw WHILE inserting makes it go down far easier, and with no coughing in her case. It takes literally ten seconds to insert, three seconds to remove. Also a tape that she finds non-irritating is "Coach" or "Sports" tape. All others left a red area when removed.