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Niggling skin issues that don't fit the textbook..

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced odd, somewhat atypical skin problems?
I don't have known psoriasis.
2 years ago, got a red sore/itchy single lump on my R anterior lower leg(shin). (Like a large mosquito bite)Resolved eventually, but very slowly.Wondered about erythema nodosum, but that was the only episode.
12 months ago, developed painful red rash on both shins, right worse than left, again largely settled. Still have some slight residual soreness and sensitivity to stockings/socks rubbing on the area. Almost as though there has been a panniculitis in the area, and the underling lymphatics have been damaged.
No significant varicose veins, and the skin is intact and not red.
Any thoughts?
(Underlying colonic CD, bowel currently in remission)


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In the summer I get patches of dermatitis everywhere. Kind of sounds like what your describing. Have you gone to a dermatologist