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Night Sweats

Hi All

Does anyone experience night sweats whilst sleeping when they are flaring?

I am experiencing this every night at the moment and its mainly on my legs, they become totally drenched in sweat. I am not usually a sweaty perosn at all.

Is this a symtom of a flare for anyone?

Hi Luke
yah i get night sweats pretty much all the time when flareing . I have changed the sheets on my bed to cotton which is definetly more comfortable as it has better air flow . I have mentioned it to my doc and he agrees that it s part of IBD and generally a sign of inflammation.
Hope you get some ease with this .

I used to get them as well - used to sleep with towels underneath me if I thought they were happening (ususally it felt like I was getting a bit of a cold, and it was gone the next day).
I have not even gotten a diagnosis yet, but I get night sweats as well. Not every night though. But when I do, I usually get sweaty also on the tops of my thighs and behind my neck and my upper back. The really weird thing is that while I am sweating I am also freezing at the same time. Dont know what it is. I mean right now I have constant pain in my intestines all the time. The sweats happen only like a few days out the month. Not sure sure if it is hormone related or what. I told my gastro and gyne and neither seemed to concermed..