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Night sweats

It’s been a year since I had a flare and well last night I had a fever and night sweats and I had a fever when I woke up too! My gums are so sore too (for a week now). I’m just freaked out thinking I’m about to start flaring 😩 what do you guys think?
Fever is a possible sign of a flare due to elevated levels of inflammation, but I never experienced night sweats. The only time I had night sweats was when I was on prednisone.


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My daughter ALWAYS gets night sweats when she flares. She usually gets fevers. She sometimes gets daytime hot flashes and she is only 19!
The only time my son had night sweats was when he was flaring. It was so new to us, we thought he had an overnight fever that broke, but it was a nightsweat and sure enough, right around a flare. Unless you are a middle-aged women going through menopause, chances are this might be a flare. :( Are you still getting those night sweats since you posted?



When I was first in my first flare and pre-diagnosis I had terrible night sweats. It was horrible, I had to wash the sheets every day, it had an awful smell. I thought it was my body letting me know I really needed help!

Hope you get some relief!
I too have the night sweat problems but I was also getting them when i'm in remission and feeling great. Sadly for me it's looking like i am starting to show the signs of psoriatic arthritis. I do have psoriasis. One of the possible side affects is night sweats. Good luck with you. I hope you arenot flaring up.
I had night sweats during flares, and also if I was becoming more noticeably anemic...that was one of my indicators along with headaches and ringing in the ears.