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No Appetite

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else struggles with their appetite.

This is a new thing for me , apart for when im in pain and flaring my appetite is usually fine.

At the moment i feel good , some occasional pain but nothing too bad but i have no appetite and it's been that way for about 2/3 weeks.
Im currently having to force myself to eat 1 meal a day which is just not normal for me.

I take Methotrexate 12.5 mg (i recently had to reduce down from about 17mg due to feeling unwell,tired for a few days after taking the tablets)

My last bloods were fine apart from my iron being low , i am taking my iron tablets 3 x daily.

Im seeing my GI again on the 6th Oct for my 1st Humira Injection.
I dont really want to bother him before then which this as it doesn't seem that important. Just wanted to see if this is normal ??


Jo :)
You could always ask for methotrexate injections instead as you get far fewer gastro side effects (inclusing loss appetite etc) with the injections.
Hi Little Missh ,
So you think it's the Methotrexate thats doing it ? Will ask about the injections when i see him on the 6th Oct , Thanks :)
Hi Joleen,

I have had the same problem for tha last 9 months, drives me crazy...
had a few months of feeling good on humira late last year but started becoming unwell again around xmas and appetite was one of the fiirst things to go...have dropped 20kg this year which is crazy, love my food usually but just struggle so much with it now.
Not sure about methotrexate but I did have a couple of units of blood a few weeks ago due to low Hb/iron and my appetite did pick up a little after that so may be worth investigating....how low is your iron? An iron infusion may be a lot more efficiant? I definitly wouldn't feel like your bothering him with it I think appetite is a really important thing.

I remember you were starting remicade a while back, I guess it didn't help? Is the methotrexate working well for you?
I've been doing a clinical trial for stem cell therapy, mixed results so far but am better than I was so fingers crossed for that elusive remission, all other possibilities are now exhausetd other than remicade and surgery :-(
Hi Soretum :) Thanks for the reply

If im honest i dont really know how low my iron is , My GI said low and that i need to remember the iron tablets , which im trying , but didnt actually ask how low. The Methotrexate is working well for me , still have some symptoms but not much , really lucky i guess as its not interferring too much with my life at the moment :)
The remicade was amazing , felt like my old self (before crohns) But my hair loss was very bad , my GI didn't know which medication caused it due to taking 3 diffrent ones close together , so stopped all of them and went onto methotrexte.
Im just getting over a bout of norovirus too , so maybe its a mix of things thats doing it , Im losing weight too (not as much as yourself though!) I may call on Monday and see if i can have a chat with him.
I really hope you have some luck with your meds/Stem cell therepy and start to feel better soon. Sounds lije your having a tough time.
yeah 2012 hasn't really been my year! And I thought 2011 was bad!
The stem cells are definitly doing something, I've been able to come off the streoids which is great and CRP is finally heading in the right direction, definitly not perfect or normal but better than I was. Had the last infusion last week though and just not sure it'll be enough to get me into remission....so not too sure what will be next.

I haven't tried methotrexate, it's been talked about but my doc doesn't like to put women of 'child bearing age' on it but seeing as I'm single and would rather avoid a stoma more than I would have a child at the moment it might be worth a crack!
Still have remicade up my sleeve as well but since humira stopped working after a few months not sure if it'll work or not....blah blah blah looking forward to feeling better so I have something more exciting to talk about!

Anyway nice to hear from you and see you are doing well!