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No closer to a dx. but as usual "you have IBS"

no closer to a dx. but as usual "you have IBS"

HI. Posted the other day about frustration i am dealing with in regards to my several years of intermittent illness. pain diarrhea. Longer and longer "flare ups". My 2nd opinion says Well I guess I'll examine you but all of these tests you brought are negative. ( although my bloodwork is always slightly abnprmal.Elevated wbc, platelets, neuts,eosinophils.) She was not concerned but said well I will do a colonscopy but if thst is negative then you have IBS. I lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks. woke up in the middle of the nights. SEVERE pain and she says it is IBS. Are you kidding me???? Anyone else have these negative results etc and attitude? I think they look at the med list, see ativan and prozac and immediately make their dx. Soooo, do you have extra stress at home?? uh Nooo I do when I am sick as a dog though! I know IBS does not cause wgt loss from inability to eat. thansk.
take a look at my comments erinm , having the same probs as you lol and its IBS its always flamng IBS its lazy diagnosis , to me its should be IBS when you have been lookd from mouth to anus and if the symptons change then the looking should start again , but nooooo docs think label it IBS and when it all goes wrong then we wil diagnose IBD GRRRRRR xxx