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No diarrhoea but other symptoms

Hi everyone, new to the forum as just been diagnosed with mild crohn's after biopsies from colonoscopy and endoscopy.

I started getting symptoms about one year ago when I would have an unsettled stomach and went to the toilet 3-4 times per day, whereby there would be blood and mucus in the stools on some occasions - but this was never diarrhoea.

A couple of months later I started to exhibit painful mouth ulcers and have lots of pain around the oesophagus area when I eat. With bowel movement I also get tenesmus from time to time - feeling of still having not finished - and hurts when I pass the stools.

Since having my tests in the hospital, I now frequently have excrucisting pain in my abdomen like a stabbing pain; suffering with extreme fatigue also. Am taking Prednisolone and Pentasa, but wouldn't say that they've made a huge difference.

Also just wondering if anybody else has had these other symptoms without diarrhoea???


Welcome to the forum!

How long have you been taking the Prednisolone and Pentasa? It sounds as if they're not helping if you're still having this many symptoms. But to answer your question, it's not uncommon for any of those symptoms to occur without diarrhea. In fact, some people with Crohn's don't have diarrhea as a symptom at all.

I hope you feel better soon!
Thanks Sarah. Have been taking the medication for four and a half weeks now. Have now just had my first day off work sick and maybe off for some time to try and recuperate. When I do eat, I don't tend to put weight on either. Just so glad to find I'm not on my own so thanks.

Take care yourself too!!
I am waiting for a diagnosis of Crohns, The doc says he's not sure I have it as I dont have diarrhoea or loss of weight. I have a constant pain in my lower right side of abdomin which is crippling when its bad. Its always there but manageable at the moment. I also get extremely tired.
Having a colonoscopy on the 10th Dec.
I'll keep you informed.
Hope you're feeling better.
I am also an undiagnosed person (so far, 2 diagnoses given to me but then taken away). My GI doesn't believe I have Crohn's (although I was orignally diagnosed via colonoscopy), especially because I am primarily constipated. I rarely have diarrhea, and when I do, it's usually diet based. The last medication he put me on actually gave me diarrhea and I had to stop taking it. It's always a battle to figure out what is wrong with us. Like you, Fox, I also have nearly-constant RLQ pain when I'm flaring or eat the wrong thing. Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever figure out what's wrong with us.