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No dx, colicy pain for 6 weeks


I do have the fortune of an unspecified colitis, but the GI I saw recently suggested we wait until my symptoms return to a more severe level to do a colonoscopy.

I experienced 3-4 days of moderate intensity colicy/intermittent sharp pain in my LLQ beginning of Feb, and my PCP dx'd it as diverticulosis v mid-cycle pain. Being a 29 year old who takes oral contraceptives I was skeptical of mid-cycle pain, and diverticulosis seemed unlikely but whatever. The pain got better and about 3 weeks later I got terrible diarrhea for 4 days followed by the same colicy LLQ pain, but more persistent and painful than before. I ended up going to ER concerned it was ovarian in nature, and was diagnosed by CT with colitis due to inflammation of the sigmoid colon.

GI rx'd cholestipol which I did not tolerate well. It made my stools hard to pass and painful and my belly pain was no longer improving and I had a lot of cramping. My "normal" stools lately are soft but formed, not diarrhea but urgent. I have been having "butt pain" and some bright red blood streaking after BMs. No bloody stools, no mucus.

I have a follow up with GI the first week of April, but the longer I go with these twinges of pain throughout my abdomen and frequent, urgent stools the more sure I am that this is not a "self-limiting acute colitis". I am anxious for answers, and I feel like no one in my personal life (husband, friends, parents) understands the stress of waiting and the frustration/fatigue of being in some degree of pain most of the time.

Anyways, thoughts and support would be appreciated.