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No DX yet i had the scope done this morning

no DX yet i had the scope done this morning

i had the scope done today the doctor said everything looked ok but he took 3 biopsy and sent them off and we should know soon if its crohn's or not sometimes crohn's is hard to DX there is other tests he can do to sometimes DX crohn's he still thinks could be crohn's i will give a update as soon we hear anything from the doctor now i did not sleep at all last night because of my stomach hurting so bad when we got home today around 12pm i went to sleep and just woke up around 6:50pm i hope i am able to get some sleep tonight my GI doctor already got me on a treatment for crohn's diease to see if it helps with the diarrhea,throwing up stomach pain its helping already a little bit he told me when he put me on it that if it works i do have crohn's and it is helping so i know i have it he just has to wait on the 3 biopsys he took to come back i started takening the meds he put me on yeturday and since yeturday i have not had the diarrea or throwing up still having alot of stomach pain he has me on 2 meds they are called

flagyl 500mg

ciprofloxacin 500mg

i also on this med to help me sleep at night my reg doctor has me on it

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I've never taken either of those meds but I know some people on here have. I hope they work for you and that you get a diagnosis soon, whatever it may be.