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No Entyvio infusion. No veins!

Yesterday was supposed to have been my adult son's first Entyvio infusion. However after 45 min of searching and sticking his arms looking for a workable vein....there were none and they had to send him home. Granted this was at a local infusion center and not a major hospital, but he has had the same problems there too. As an example, he had major back surgery in 2013. This was at a major trauma center...finally the anesthesiologist himself found a vein in his foot.
Has anyone had this problem....it is very frustrating! You want and need medical help but cannot get it promptly when the veins are holding you back. Any suggestions? Yes he has had a central line in college when taking TPN but doing this for an eventual 8 week infusion seems like overkill. Appreciate any thoughts and comments...
Ugh. I too have bad veins but better than your son. I'm sure you have probably tried most of these but:
Drink lots of water in the week before
Hot pad on the arms
In the winter make sure his arms don't get too cold on the way, dress in layers.
Dangle his arm down for a minute or so, sometimes it helps.

That is a really sucky situation. Hope you can get it figured out.
Feet are a viable (but painful option). Do not use any form of numbing cream if his veins are bad as it can obscure them and actually make them feel smaller to the nurses. Ask the nurse to put a cloth under the tourniquet and tie it TIGHT. Also if heating pads aren't working try submerging his hands in hot water in the sink for 5 or so minutes (for some reason wet heat tends to bring out veins better than dry) and hand veins are usually easier to find than upper arm veins. If you've tried all of the above you can usually arrange for an IV team with ultrasound at major hospitals.
A port is the best thing for my daughter. She was unable to have IV etc... at the hospital, called in PICU nurse with ultrasound and 10 sticks later still no IV!!!! Infusion center tried 9 times and then we went home.

We opted for the port and it is the best! ONE stick and done.

Good luck!