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No Fistula - So What's Causing All My UTIs?

Hello. I am a 24yo male who was diagnosed with Crohns about 2 years ago. Since then I've had frequent and persistent UTIs, about 3 or 4 times a year. Usually I'm given a course of antibiotics. Just recently, my doctor gave me a CT Scan w/enema to see if I had a fistula, but apparently I do not.

I was glad not to have it, but still perplexed over the frequent UTIs.

Does anyone have anything to suggest as far as the next course of action, or are the frequent UTIs just something many of us have to live with?

If that is the case, anyone have any recommendations as to how to best manage my Crohns to avoid frequent UTIs? Does cranberry juice help? Drinking more water? More frequent urination?

I don't know much about this so am happy to have found this forum.

Thank you.
I would suggest that your doctor look into possible kidney stones. According to my GI, people with Crohn's, especially those on an immunosuppressant or biologic, can easily develop calcium oxalate based kidney stones which can cause frequent UTIs, abdominal pain and diarrhea and sometimes mimic a Crohn's flare, even when one is not flaring. (Sorry for that long, run-on answer.) This may be a start. There are blood tests to determine kidney function and those can be helpful, as well, in determining if the UTIs are something more serious. There are also low oxalate diets that can help in reducing the development of kidney stones, if necessary. I may suggest seeing a urologist or nephrologist if your GI is unable to help resolve the issue. Hate to send anyone to someone else for treatment or even suggest it, as I know it can be frustrating to see so many doctors and have more tests done, but I hope this may help to answer some of your questions.
What medications are you on? I had UTI's and even a bladder infection when I was on Azathioprine. Once I switched medications, I haven't had one since. I have had kidney stones as well.