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No Free Med Program Help!

I had 2 scopes thanks to Medicaid (but they took it away after a month because they said I'm not "disabled" enough) sadly. Have no other money coming in (hacked into wifi). I had another colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy and my gastro doc said NOTHING has changed since last year!!!!! He had me on Lialda the whole time and now tells me to stay on it even though it's not working!!!!! He wants to put me on Entocort but told me I can't afford it so I can't get it. Then I tried to go to the drug company site to sign up for the free med program.....they said Entocort is no longer on their free med program. I said,"Is there anyway to get this without insurance?" They said NO!!!!!!

What do I do? This is the only thing my doc is prescribing and I have no money for it!!!! Is my doc and these drug companies going to let me suffer because I'm poor? Literally NO MONEY!

And NO his office does not have any samples for me!!!!
Hi Crohnsnewbie,
Sorry to hear you are being mucked around. Entocort is notoriously expensive, and not a viable option without financial support. An alternative is to start taking 6-mp, and while waiting for it to build up to a therapeutic level (few months) take some prednisone or try enteral nutrition. If your doctor is not suggesting treatment plans that work for you, both financially and otherwise, then they are not doing their job properly.
good luck.